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Red dictator Putin is getting old and all desperate attempts of russians to preserve their idol ended up in his odious flesh rotting alive, just like it happened with his commie predecessor Brezhnev.

But amongst common russian cattle there is a group named “russian youth activists” where brainless, lowlife subhuman neo-bolshevik bastards are challenging with each other in their abomination skills to find out who will be a replacement for main russian pedophile. “Alpha dog” of this rabid pack is Maksim Mishenko. The Wikipedia link is for reference only; you won’t find any useful information about red bastard at this politically correct portal.

Starting as yokel from Taganrog, after being prepared at the main russian factory of government agents – MSTU (Moscow state technical university named after Bauman) the bastard was able to gather like-mindless neo-commie thugs to form youth branch of “edinaya rossija” named “rossija molodaya (rumol)” in 2005 and become leader not only of it, but in fact of entire MSTU. Nobody who does not match the criteria of Mishenko standard (joyful, brainless, neo-commie lowlife thug or whore) immediately accepted by “united russia” is able to get education here.

Dictator Putin was extremely pleased to get Mishenko as his loyal whelp for repressions against independent youths, in whom dictator saw a direct threat to reconstruction of neo-soviet regime. So, dirty thug got all possible promotion from his master. In 2008, all vile hatred and brutal rage of eternal red subhumans, directed by assholes like Mischenko rushed towards those who did not want to obey them…

This red bastard Mischenko is one of main authors of the “concept”, according to which Goths and other independent youth cultures were proclaimed public enemies and threat to national security in Russia.

Here are just several phrases of this red scumbag:

“All those Goths who are linked to Satanism or weird Emo are just dangerous for psychical health of youth”

“Emo, Goths – by and large when those subcultures are becoming popular, we’re losing our identity”

“Goths are just like people who didn’t wash themselves and went to swimming pool. They leave trail of dirt behind”

This information is unavailable on russian Web sites which are now under censorship control of repressive government or destroyed like project “Deistvuy”. Foreign human right hypocrite windbags are too obsessed with perverts, lowlife scum and feeding of russian windbag colleagues to see this vile brutal genocide.

Newly declared “vragi naroda” had been destroyed or exiled, but uncontrolled rabies of red brute and his small-time whelps who see no resistance, gets even more perverted. Seeing no more targets to destroy, thug Mishenko who got mad from his impunity and amazed with his own brutality, turned his brainless initiative at random direction. As long as he remains a personal asslicker of neo-communist dictator Putin, each and every of his barking meets the same praising as dictator’s ones.

Now this commie thug is intended to deprive of medicine patients with cancer in favor of “improved medicine for the most of russians”, giving this branch of healthcare at the “mercy” of charity.

Only drunk russian subhuman will believe that bullsh#t. The true reason of such intentions is fill own pockets with new portion of money, now stolen from ones with mortal disease – cause those money are easiest to steal for russians, who have no slightest sign of morality or humanity. Words “russian charity” are as real as something like “sweet abomination”.

No matter which place in their corrupted anti-human society russian occupies, he remains an eternal untermensch and slave. Bloody lackey of pedophile dictator feels himself damn brave and self-confident when he is being surrounded by horde of henchmen. When in 2008 several Goth representatives came to duma to debate with Mishenko (that was very naïve of them – with the same success one can debate with rabid dog), neo-bolshevik swine was just laughing and insulting them in return. Each and every whelp of dictator Putin behaves that way, feeling the impunity and full freedom with the only limit – dictator’s hammer-and-sickle ass which need regular licking.

Deprived of their fake power, Putin, Mishenko and their dirty horde will be even more miserable than worms living in human waste – just several ones of 140 millions of red subhumans, which are not even worth of single bullet to shot them.

Crimes must never go without revenge. Impunity of soviet crimes created a neo-soviet atrocity, with the same unholy mission but other methods.

Even more costly expenses than bullets and gallows are justified in upcoming war – cleaning up the world and full disposal of red bastards is mandatory. Rote untermenschen will never stop in their eternal plans of world domination, until the last of them will die in dirt – the only appropriate place for russian red scum.