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Leafing through archive materials, one can easily see the superiority of past over present. Today it became damn trendy to seek new solutions for old troubles (or just pretend they exist no more) but none of those perverted inventions, made by politically correct windbags, have yet proved their own worth.

The vital idea of Western anti-communism is fading away, contrary to reds that aren’t gone. Modern slackness and carelessness are the help that ruskies could only dream about before. End of the Cold War is a myth that benefits only russian neo-commies and their KGB dictator.

Without the vigilantism and awareness, West is becoming a pleasure-addicted defenseless easy-to-fool herd. But the historical memory and common sense are the best and most simple vaccination against this mental rotting. Easy to lose, easy to win – it depends only on you.

In 1947, a bold and original turn was made in the anti-communist propaganda. All basic knowledge about the red threat and vile commie plans was represented in the most popular form – a comic book named “Is this tomorrow”. Created more than 60 years ago, it remains relevant even now. Maybe even more than back in times when the Western people were a bit more vigilant, natural and strong.

DOWNLOAD (.PDF, 18.3 Mb)

Once the book was distributed freely, but now it’s not so easy to find even with all advantages of the Internet – not at the first time good old things are being forgotten.

Feel free to share it anywhere. Rise a new wave of anti-communist vigilance and kick some slacker minds awake!