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Modern freedom stripped of conscience boundaries has its own advantages and drawbacks. Amongst first ones is the revelation of true essence, which is rarely perfect enough to be demonstrated proudly, especially with showoff exaggerated representation of one’s flaws. This is far not pleasant to look at, but it gives the true picture of one’s personal worthiness that is much more important than some fake cover.

The russophilia had became damn trendy with the resurrection of neo-bolshevik regime. Having no threat of shame and unwritten justice upon them, scum of all kinds begun worldwide neo-bolshevist worshipping to bloody KGB dictator Putin and his subhuman nation.

Of all those hordes of such brainless ass-lickers, both sold out and voluntary ones, ex-French actor Gerard Depardieu can be named a true leader of those dirt-addicted, commie-loving russophiles for whom drunken yokels, stinky muck and beastliness are more pleasant than civilized life in dignity.

Jedem das seine.

The blabbering about “too high taxes” was no more than showoff fake for stupid crowd. In his open letter to russian mass media, red frog (who now desperately tries to grow bear hair, learn to growl “russian mat” and drink “samogon” to resemble his adorable bolshevik brute) revealed his true genetic nature of red commie asshole. By his own words, communism is his own long-term family trait as well as addiction to country of cattle.

It is noticeable that comrade Frogieu decided to confess all that after completion of his successful career in France, while there is no strong anti-communist Western power to kick his red ass out to his Eastern masters tarred and feathered. He isn’t alone: shortly after he had acquired official confirmation of his vile treason (a brute’s mark named “russian passport”), red whore Brigitte Bardot threatened to follow this way because of “animal rights” scandal. Of course she liked fake show of KGB pedophile who was flying with cranes (which, by the way, ended in genuine death of two birds chopped by propeller) but “didn’t knew” about traditional russian “fun” – torture and murder of birds and animals. And people – all who do not fit in “common russian” chauvinistic subhuman stereotype.

Now comrade Frogieu will have as much time as he desires to lick commie ass of his idol pedophile Putin and worship the nation of eternal bolshevik untermenschen. Maybe even together with Bardot, competing in untermensch worshipping between each other.