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As true successor of criminal bolshevist USSR, modern neo-soviet Russia uses all its filthy methods but the circumstances are far more favorable for commie successors now.

For a typical Westerner who obtains “knowledge” from mass media, so-called own “free and independent” opinion is determined and limited by stupid mainstream (both conservative and liberal). Self-destroying ideology of political correctness, subhuman praising, carelessness, obsession with fun, perverted tolerance towards criminals, gun bans and “end of the Cold War” myth are the best gift russians can get from civilized world. In the society corrupted with brain deterioration, reds are able to walk freely and carry out their foul deeds without slightest fear of Justice (and if somebody will be still vigilant enough, there is always a bunch of bully activists with their stereotype “Nazi”, “evil Russophobe”, “chauvinist” labels ready to be incited).

There is no surprise that collaboration with red East and international neo-soviet propaganda became common and not only unpunished. Scumbag henchmen of neo-bolshevik brute, lowborn KGB pedophile pervert, bloody dictator Putin are producing hundreds of megabytes of mendacious propaganda to work off their kremlin sop and this is considered “freedom of information”, while in Russia, KGB thugs ban everything they don’t like.

One of such plots has been revealed on Propublica, with all corresponding MATERIALS and names of despicable traitors.

But this is only one case of many, and there is much more to come.

Recently, rote untermenschen announced a new plan of their pedophile dictator Putin and his gang, so-called “concept of soft force” with a purpose of world domination through reorganized bullshit network.

Methods of this plan are represented in four categories: further expansion of KGB branches (under phony name of “cultural centres”), aggressive (or better to say, much more aggressive than before) promotion of russian language worldwide, increased funding of kremlin propaganda for youth generation and finally, increasing of influence on Western Internet by wide use of sold-out foreigners’ barking. Red brute is in need of new henchmen and it will call for them soon.

Even with long-term traditions of theft and bribing amongst russians (most of funds will not even reach the destination, being stolen at the way), this plan is a real threat for overcivilized West without a sufficient resistance.

Red lackeys worldwide are sure that all their crimes will go unpunished and evident things can be proclaimed fake with only subhuman argument “just-because-we-say-so” – like this was in Chechnya and Georgia.

Your silence is reds’ confidence and encouraging for further aggression, more and more gruesome with each new blow of hammer and sickle. The Government and President of Poland have been butchered by russian subhumans, and almost no one gave a damn. Why? Just because ruskies are sacred cows untouchable for any Justice since their “victory upon Nazism” (which resulted in bloody bolshevist tyranny in half of Europe). In corrupt logic of a common mainstream junkie, if a man kills russian invader and says NO to their BS – he is a “Nazi” (“Jihadist”, “terrorist”, etc). But if ruskie comes to another country and kills its people – this is “protection of russian minorities”, “counther-terrorist operations” or, in the very good case “an act deserving of serious international concern”. It’s not very hard to figure out who is the author of those mantras.

Those uneasy days are the time of trial for everyone who claims to love Liberty. Russian impunity came to the point where even the Cold War wouldn’t stop them and Europe will choose surrender to GULAG rather than take a chance and at least kick some commie asses before own glorious death on the battlefield… or life in a new world, deprived from russian abomination. If we the free people from the entire world say “NO” to russian bullshit – enraged ruskie orcs will come with war. But if we won’t do that, they will come to round up everyone into a new GULAG. (Russophile bullies, both mercenary trolls and useful idiots whining about “russophobia” and “end of the Cold War” will go there first, but it barely matters here.)

If you don’t want some red drunken scumbag to became a dictator upon your land and deprive you of freedom, dignity and property, it’s YOUR personal duty to prepare and stand up against neo-soviet threat and dirty russian mercenaries. Your word can save a day in Freedom now, but if you choose to keep silence, tomorrow you may already need a gun for the same purpose.

Spread the justice – give’ em Hell!