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This is my translation of the article written by Andreas von Ossen. Here, the author represents a true History without boundaries of propaganda and political correctness, revealing one of most disgraceful red forgeries.

Madness of victory

Watching „victory parade“ photos of June 24, 1945, I can’t cease being surprised with impudence and boorishness of soviet propaganda. Especially this photo.


A good one. For rats, to chew their faceted glasses watching it. But things which are acceptable by some guy who wasn’t in the military for a single day or girl who doesn’t remember commie propaganda, will not work on people with a memory of the past.

Those who defeated the common sense

This photo has a long and proud name “Deposition of Nazi banners to Lenin’s mausoleum. Personal standard of Hitler was thrown first”. Leaving aside young memories and historical accuracy of the name (by the way, this was a standard of “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler” division), let’s try to understand: where is the flag itself?

I can see the pole and “Adolf Hitler” plate on it without doubt, but where is the flag? It’s well known that the flag itself (not the pole) is a sacred item for those who gave an oath of allegiance; military unit is being disbanded in case of its loss but not after loss of the pole.

Russian propagandists answer this question so: “The standard itself hadn’t been captured, only the pole had been deposed”.

This answer shows not only their audience, but also their dear comrade Stalin (while all that happened before him) as full idiots. How the empty flagpole could have been deposed, while no one knew where the banner is? No banner – nothing to depose. The wooden stick has value only for Pinocchio.

But my memory gave me a hint that old black and white photos which were in each and every soviet school, had some banner with swastika here. Internet archives of USSR were cleaned up a long time ago. My searches sometimes made me doubt even in my own childhood memories. But luckily, retouchers and forgers of History worked carelessly like all russians. And my search ended up in success.

What a miracle! “Personal standard of Hitler”, falling down to the mausoleum, acquired a flag on the way! Hocus-pocus! No ancient wizards ever dreamed of it – such metamorphose watched by thousands of spectators and comrade Stalin himself…


And it was deposed not the first at all… Underneath there is a DAF labor union banner (with a swastika inside the gear), completely unrelated to war.

What was the sense of this gigantic retouching work, with spreading forgery in the Internet? Very simple.

To the left there is the genuine standard. At the fake Moscow parade, a common Reichskriegsflagge (State military flag), which once were at almost each and every German house, was nailed to the captured pole, one of two made by Otto Gahr factory in Munich. The location of a genuine standard and a second pole is still unknown, As well as location of Blutfahne (the Blood Flag, under which demonstrators headed by Hitler were shot at 09 Nov. 1923. This flag was honored as most sacred relic of NSDAP; Hitler was blessing personally by its touch all the banners of SS and NSDAP)

By the way, it is interesting that during the entire war no SS banners even down to the rank of battalion had been captured. All that we can see in museums and private collections are just copies.

But let’s return to soviet variant of “Hitler’s personal standard.” Victory bragging is demonstrated in the Moscow Armed Forces Museum so:


At the background there is only a finial of the pole.

Maybe after knowing about forgery at the parade, “Father of Nations” flew into rage and smashed the flagpole on head of “People’s Marshal”, who was prancing on a white stallion. In that case Stalin had a reason. But most possibly, Museum has not a single genuine item left. With the level of auction prices for German decorations and banners, even 15 years ago it was hard to become a curator here. They simply replaced genuine awards and banners with good or average copies, providing themselves for the entire life. Who is able to distinguish an authentic item from fake one in such mess?

This forgery was easy to conceal until the Internet appeared – who in entire Russia knew how the genuine standard looks like? Now, to preserve propaganda image of so-called “day of victory” colossal efforts are being made in attempts to give moldy fake stuff at least a slightest part of real image. All this falsification of History cannot be called other than “day of victory upon the common sense”.