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News from enslaved East Prussia (russian name Kaliningrad oblast’). Red orcs, guided by with their satanic “orthodox” cult priests seized the German church to desecrate it together with the graveyard.

The church in Arnau was built in 14th century and, as thousands of other churches, desecrated by red subhumans during the occupation of German native lands in 1945. Since 1990s, remaining German minority made numerous attempts to reconstruct the building and almost succeeded; however, russian traditions never die. When the work was almost complete, eternal bolshevik scum started a new wave of red terror, desecration and destruction.

Local governor, a despicable dog of KGB pedophile dictator Putin, made an order to seize all churches of “non-official” religion.

The house at the background was built for loyal Putin’s lackeys that will be living here now and making satanic so-called “russian orthodox” rituals, glorifying their alpha dog.

yardDuring its construction, russian subhumans destroyed the ancient German graveyard and threw out the remains into dirt. Every day those untermenschen are walking on human remains!

remainsThey used a memorial plate as a roof for doghouse!

plateThey made civilized nations to suffer uncountable humiliation, pain and horror in their red Mordor and proud of it, facing no punishment, becoming more and more perverted in their atrocities. If russians won’t be stopped now, this will happen everywhere. No man, alive or dead, will be able to avoid the red nightmare.

zzjnumf36ni2Those unholy red orcs must all burn in Hell, and sooner is not just better – it is MANDATORY. It’s time to bring the ultimate justice upon the horde of eternal red subhumans and send them where they belong!

Source:  censor.net.ua