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Eternal russian commies are celebrating their Gulag anniversary. You won’t see such news at politically correct portals for dummies that prefer to sing their mantras even facing the red brute.

So-called “veterans” – old commie thug veterans of Usol’sk Gulag branch (Usol’lag) gathered together with their young whelps to celebrate 75th anniversary of their repressive machine. There was a concert and ceremony in FSIN (russian name of penitentiary system, successor to soviet GULAG) of Solikamsk.

“In January of 1938, at Usol’sk ITL NKVD of USSR, traditions were established – those which are important in our days as well” – said Sergey Erofeev, one of red  thugs.

VIDEO with this old and young commie scum can be viewed here. The bastard mentioned above speaks from 1:39.

Built in 1938, the Usol’lag was considered one of the harshest Gulag prison camps. From the first group of prisoners (most of whom were political ones), nearly half were dead soon after arrival – the practice of slave labor was used during creation of all Gulag system. Prisoners were forced to build their own jails in the middle of wilderness.

During occupation of Baltic States, thousands of its native inhabitants were sent into this camp. Only several hundred of them survived. Many representatives of russian German minority were imprisoned there also.

Such things as Gulag anniversary are far not uncommon in the country of eternal commies, where stuffed bolshevik corpse is a state relic and the KGB lackey is a new wannabe-Stalin dictator. There was neither international nor internal justice upon red thugs who went mad from that impunity, and now celebrating their unholy days all over the world – not only in some ex-Gulag prison. Like so-called “victory day”, for example.

Glorification of criminals is the essence of russian propaganda. Butchers, murderers, rapists and looters are praised like “veterans” and “heroes” by all russians – from last yokel to president. The one and only reason of it was named by Dr. Sergei Melnikoff (MFF) – one of the most famous warriors of Gegenrussisch Kampf.

“Each nation is choosing its symbols according to value of its own souls.”

Source: ipvnews.org