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23rd of February is being celebrated in Russia officially as „Defender of homeland day“ (this means – of all the military). But in fact, this tradition was more or less followed only in USSR. Now each and every russian untermensch, especially those who bought themselves out of conscription for bribe, considers his duty to drink his head off at so-called “celebration”. For russian unterfrauen, this day could have been called as “untermensch worshipping day” when they are required to praise their vodka-consuming stinky scumbags even more than they are already doing in remaining 364 days of year.

The unknown history of this day is much more disgusting than its modern reality.

In 1944, without any reasonable evidence, red subhumans convicted people of Chechnya and Ingushetia as “traitors” and “Nazi collaborationists”. At 23rd of February, russian bolsheviks organized the colossal operation to deport the native Chechen inhabitants from their homeland. While those russians are still barking about “sudden German strike”, “lack of resources” and “colossal strain”, they with no trouble were able to gather 20.000 KGB thugs and 100.000 of military henchmen for the operation, total expenses of which were 3.9 millions of modern Euro. (Such “mismatch” is not uncommon. Former prisoner of Gulag, Countess Evfrosiniya Kersnovskaya told in her memoires about extremely promoted Gulag system – during the years of famine and war, things like most modern electronics in prisons, army of fattened guards and slacker officials, and rich stock of food for the party staff were common).

As many times before in lands occupied by reds, people, including women, children and elderly, were forced to rail cars for transportation of cattle. The nightmare journey to Siberia and middle Asia took several weeks of time, and many of the passengers did not even survive the way itself. Corpses were buried in haste near the railroad tracks during short stops.

But even amongst red brutes, there are ones which stand above … or better to say, below the rest in their nightmare atrocities. Ones who are rushing for dictator’s throne to lick boots of their unholy leader and try their luck in backstabbing to replace the tyrant.

In the mountain village Haibakh red subhumans rounded up, locked in stables and burned there alive all the inhabitants. The commander of scumbags, red commissar thug Gvishiani, sent a telegraph message about “elimination” to his superior KGB bastard – Lavrentiy Beria. The response was quick – congratulations and promises of further promotion.

There is no difference between bolsheviks 70 years ago and modern russians. They both know about genocide in Chechnya and other lands but meet news about it with drunken roar and cheers of support, hopping mad at everyone who is trying to stand for justice.

Today’s UNHOLYday at the day of genocide is one more proof of it.

Sources: ipvnews.org, savechechnya.org