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Theft and robbery are true national traditions of russian scum. Famous Russian writer M.E. Saltykov-Schedrin said about his country long time ago: „Wake me up a century later and ask what’s going on in Russia. I’ll answer at once: “They’re drinking and stealing!”

Those corrupt features were just natural in Tsarist Empire, but during the reign of commies they have become a base of entire soviet society (and remained the essence of modern neo-soviet system). No russian serf will even think about overthrowing his leaders, their gang vertical of power and GULAG rules if robbery and theft are allowed within this society.

A man in his own mind will never believe a single word of those thieving red scumbags. Whatever they are speaking about, it will always be bullshit. The first thing here is russian “official” history and its fake stereotypes. The more Russia is sinking in its own filth, the louder serfs are boasting with never-existed achievements and stolen inventions.

One of my comrades composed an interesting list of things which are considered to be russian national symbols (and of course must-have souvenirs in “from Russia with love” style), but actually were stolen from various nations. I’ve made a few additions

Let’s overview true origins of those stolen things.

1. Balalaika is a Kazakh national instrument;

2. So-called “Russian” accordion or “garmon” was invented by Czechs;

3. Samovar was used in China and other Asian countries long before russians started its production;

4. Bast shoes were used by ancient Scythians;

5. Dumplings (“russian pelmeni”) is a Chinese national food;

6. Steam bath (so-called “russian banya”) was created by Finns (sauna).

7. Russian language. A mix of words stolen from Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Polish languages, hastily tied together with German, French and English lexis (and called “great and mighty”) in a desperate attempt to get closer to civilized Europe. This artificial dialect deprived of any logic becomes extinct now, cause russians who are becoming more and more dumb are simply unable to use it, preferring their “russian mat” instead. By the way, even that was stolen from Mongols.

8. Vodka was invented by medeival alchemist Raymond Lully in XIII century. Russian chemist Mendeleev just confirmed its formula and was involved in state licensing of production.

9. Blini (so-called “russian” pancakes) were known in various countries from times of Roman Empire.

10. Pants. Until 18th century, there were russian tribes which didn’t knew about existence of this garment. It came to those savages from Southern (Kyiv region) and Asian (Kazan’ region) tribes.

11. Valenki shoes were invented by ancient Finnish tribes who lived at the territory of modern Russia;

12. Fur hat “ushanka” was stolen from North2ern Europe;

13. Nested dolls originated in Japan and China, where they were true pieces of art made of porcelain, contrary to russian “matryoshki”, ugly chunks of wood portraying real prototypes of their monstrous females.

14. Radio. Experiments on it were known since late 19th century. Before Popov made his intermediate research, there were Hertz, Edison, Lodge and other scientists who carried out experiments on wireless signal transmission and Marconi with his working system. Contrary to light bulb or vacuum tube, radio is not an invention of a single man (or even a team) at all. It is a result of multi-stage research made in different countries by different people.

Particular stuff like certain famous models (of cars, computers, weapons, household electronics et cetera) were stolen by russians too, but this is already another story.

And the top of this list is…

15. A myth about “warm-hearted, kind and honest” russian people.

Those people who really can be named “warm-hearted, kind and honest” nation will NEVER boast with it. They will just be an example to everyone, doing everyday things in their natural way, open to all civilized neighbors for friendship. Not a very Russian picture, don’t you think? Perhaps if ruskies had some common sense they at least wouldn’t steal parts of this stereotype from everyone to end up looking like drunk orc with pearl diadem claiming he crafted it. But russian orcs still have dummy listeners to believe their BS and will gladly continue to throw it around, until they face the responsibility.

No criminal is able to put the loot to some good personal use. That’s not a big surprise – no one of them can live like civilized man and keep the property, towards which he has no slightest respect. A scumbag is able only to boast in front of his fellow thugs, drink away everything and grunt in dirt like swine.

This happened with russian untermenschen. Even those few things which they had stole from other nations have been distorted with perverted craft, turning into ugly symbols of eternal subhumans who continue their bragging with miserable remains of loot from all over the world.

Some time ago thieves and robbers had their hands chopped off or hanged at the roadside gallows. It’s time to recall good old traditions and provide the eternal red thug with only thing he could have been able to call “his own” – a hanging noose.