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After the years of struggle between the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and bureaucrats, so-called “Sophie law” finally was legislated, so from now crimes against youth culture members will be recognized as “hate crime”. The goal is achieved at least in one region of GB, but is it as good in reality as it is praised by Foundation activists?

Being a diehard Goth embraced long time ago, I completely disagree with any course of action of such kind. My reason comes from beyond any Gothness, feud between generations, clans or “true/not true” Gothic specimen.

The existence of the Foundation and related organizations can help to resolve only minor problems like misunderstanding – thing apparently not equal to murder. By the way, why someone needs an extra explanation that bullying of Goths (or any other group) is wrong when bullying is wrong per se? Unfortunately, there are much more troubles bigger than that, and the worst thing here is unwillingness of “progressive” society to use methods known since long ago to resolve them once and for all. Yes, I’m speaking about things called “street violence” in modern politically correct slang.

Not the Sophie Foundation followers alone share fictitious modern belief of “non-violence”, assuming that crime can be stopped without action of force. It looks like a kind of trend in the modern West, where more and more people regret their congenital self-defense rights as “archaistic”, “violent”, “unacceptable for 21st century” etc. in exchange for… what? Let’s look what lies beneath mawkish “paper security” so praised those days.

First of all, one must remember that crime exists regardless of victims’ appearance. It’s hard to imagine Goths or Metalheads walking streets of ancient cities, yet street thuggery was a plague of human settlements since they appeared on Earth. The most typical mainstream explanation (“provoking appearance” as a reason of assaults) is similar to blaming of rape victims for “dressing in provocative way”. If someone is capable of reasonless violent action against any living being (NOT exclusively humans), it’s nothing but thug with deeply corrupt, perverted sadistic mindset. For such walking abomination, there is a little difference between the “alternative” and common-looking victim. If scumbags won’t find a Goth, they’ll mutilate some guy or girl next door, just because it’s “fun” for them. Or some animal. Or even younger, least experienced member of own gang. (By the way, statistics shows that even attractiveness of rape victims does not matter, let alone the way they dress).

The only thing that DOES MATTER for criminals is the difference of victim from their lowlife bunch with subhuman “rules”. Membership in some youth culture like Gothic proves this at sight. Common people need to show the difference with some action, like stand up for law and order. The result is always the same as it was for Sophie, unless good guy/girl has an ultimate force of self-protection. Something that never failed to help people in trouble.

If some thug considers it possible to take away human dignity, property and life calling it “fun”, tolerance to such an illicit mind is a suicide. Impunity encourages and promotes all offenders and here“impunity” means not a legal absence of some lawful persecution.

Habitual violent offenders aren’t afraid of a jail (especially European one) where they feel like home. They meet sentences laughing and return back to streets in a few years, free to stalk their victims again, enjoying almost full impunity.

Laws can be severe on paper, but without the real right of law-abiding people to protect themselves they turn into a mockery for all kinds of scum who are now guaranteed that no one will have enough force to stop the next gruesome “fun”. In Britain, thugs got this warranty when government outlawed handgun possession in 1997. Many of confiscated guns were barbarically tossed under compactor – but that’s already another story of human stupidity.

Only the chance of adequate response from would-be victim prevents thugs from going into a rabid rampage. Neither courts, nor jails. All countries provide formal punishment for violent crimes but it has NO impact on crime rates that are determined ONLY by the ability of good guys (and girls) to protect themselves with a deadly force – the one and only way to stop the offender at the spot BEFORE any irreversible harm is inflicted, including any future assaults that could have been committed by habitual aggressor.

The system can become corrupt or degrade into a repressive regime. The police can be unresponsive and sluggish. The criminal can just never be found (it’s hard to report the crime when killed or lying in a coma with half of brain splattered over the pavement). Finally, life and Dignity can’t be restored or replaced. No one can protect them better than owner (unfortunately, even such a simple fact is too hard to realize for most of people those days).

Only a self-defense weapon can guarantee 100% self-provided security 24/7, raising a level of human dignity value in the entire law-abiding society (yes, I also believe that armed society is a polite one. I know what a nightmare the unarmed society is). This was true in the past and the modern reality is not somewhat different. The right of law-abiding people to keep and bear arms must be a main priority of ANY anti-crime campaign if its supporters are really intended to achieve something.

Goths (or any other people) who seek the guaranteed way to protect themselves must always remember what happened in the country of eternal communism, which utilizes crime as instrument of authority. Where power belongs to chav scumbags, just like bastards who murdered Sophie.

Russian genocide of Dark Scene and other independent youths not willing to bow down before chav dictator Putin and his lowlife lackeys couldn’t be possible without full impunity for thugs – a complete ban of “defense-worthy” weapons (as each and every repressive society, Russia outlawed possession and carry of any handguns and unregistered ammo in 1917, keeping this ban since) so thugs feel free to rob, rape, assault, humiliate and kill anybody whom they want (or are ordered) to.

Of course there is no commie thug without mad dreams about “world revolution”, or how to drown entire world in shit. With native russian desire to destroy and humiliate everyone who lives even slightly better or just different, it won’t be too hard for their government to kick subhumans into a new wave of action abroad. If you’re still skeptical about my personal experience, here’s a screenshot from a typical commie shithole.

There is only one way to not let russian criminal hellhole become everywhere. That is common sense, knowledge, willpower and the last but not least – your own gun rights. Without the matter of alternative or casual scene, enforcing and using them is a duty of everyone.

An ultimate six-shoot equalizer in good guy/girl’s hands is the grave anathema to all enemies of human dignity, from street riffraff to commie dictators (though they are mostly the same thing in different circumstances). It had proved self-worthiness at the Wild West countless number of times, helping to defeat the crime and create the independent and civilized country. Now, the process is about to be undone under newly invented slogans into some kind of a neo-socialist society for disarmed politically correct dummies. In the most of European countries it has been already completed and the United States are being torn apart by heated political debates, where the outcome will most likely determine the fate of the entire world.

Some things exist regardless of trend, politics and its new names invented for old things. Dignity, Freedom, human life, self-defense, Law and Order will always preserve their meaning, as well as methods of their achieving and protection.