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When Russia was preparing to attack Chechen Republic Ichkeria in 1990s, the President of Ichkeria Dzokhar Dudaev warned everyone with those words:

“If the West will be silent and therefore agreed with aggression of Moscow, soon the Europe will become just one of russian internal affairs”.

Few people were caring about that. Most of politicians who had no guts or just no brains condemned so-called “international Chechen terrorism” as soon as russian KGB dictator Putin ordered them so.

Now the indifference of masses and corruption of elite had brought its result. Promoted with all kinds of help – from impunity to open support from some Western leaders, the red brute fully recovered from its wounds of 1991 and is charging towards West again to smash it with bloody hammer and sickle.

Flags and symbols may vary, but obscurantist subhuman mind of eternal slaves always remains the same. The following VIDEO will show you a mere example of common russian neo-bolshevik. Dirty thug-looking yokel there is russian “philosopher” Dugin who works in MSU as head of an academic department. Most of ruskies are unable to express their thoughts with something more complicated than “russian mat” and drunken roars of cheer, so for “intellectual” work they have someone who at least is capable to put the words together. Some kind of elite representative for their untermensch nation.

Sources: ipvnews.org, kavkazcenter.com