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The “victory” of russian untermenschen in WW2 was a goldmine for thugs who used all arsenal of their traditional methods to satisfy endless greed for others’ property, fame, place etc. Petty looting and world-scale robbery came together, followed by traditional commie bullshit.

German “Der Spiegel” magazine already wrote about one of most famous fakes made by commie photographer Evgeniy Khaldei, so-called “Raising a flag over the Reichstag”. The info is available even in such pro-russian sources as Wikipedia.

1058437_20080507200450For those who still don’t know: the photo was not related to any battle and in fact is nothing more than posing. In reality, there were no smoke at the background, and one of soldiers was boasting with his “trophies”:

1058438_20080507200450Just another glorious liberator of Germans from their property, who forgot to put away his loot, creating some trouble to lackey photographer.

And this is already modern Russia. The glorious bolshevist tradition of watch retouching lives!

Forgery_gone_badThings are getting definitely worse for reds. Even the “patriarch’s” office can’t find lackeys who will do the “job” right. It’s remarkable how “the patriarch” became suddenly ashamed with his luxury “gift” (as he desperately tried to convince everyone around). Just like small-time thief who was caught with his hand in someone else’s pocket.

With the modern grade of russian slovenliness and corruption, forgery literally walks on the streets. Like those fake “veterans” with absolutely no shame and conscience.

fake_1On the left photo, old commie has shoulder boards of Colonel and Gold Star. On the right, she stands at the official government parade, with shoulder boards of Major General, Gold Star and the Hero of Socialist Labour. This decoration was NEVER issued to anyone after the demise of the USSR and no russian mass media were barking about promotion of some veteran Colonel. (If such things really happen, all BS mass media in Russia goes full-auto).

fake_2On the left photo (2010), another red scumbag pretends to be a poor old seaman veteran with many glorious deeds. But even inexperienced eye can see a mess of decorations dangling without any order at all. Moreover, amongst them there is even a Tsarist Cross of St. George. On the right (2011), commie jester likely realized that his mess is drawing too much attention and decided to change his baubles for Captain shoulder boards.

Those russians who can’t afford fake decorations are doing so:

monkeysBut the following photo is neither a result of Photoshop nor someone’s joke. It is the genuine picture, which represents the entire essence of commie “victory” day.

siegklosettSources: gulag.ipvnews.org, spiegel.de, uatoday.com, ipvnews.org.