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“Just because you do not take an interest in politics

 doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you”


This article was inspired by friend’s question about “Gothic” band named Lacrimosa. Knowing about lack of awareness at the dark scene, I decided to make public some things known to me.

It’s damn convenient to be uninterested in politics living in some (still) civilized country. But it can be cozy not only for brainslackers who don’t bother themselves with extra thoughts. Vacancy is a chance to take at the first glance, so the new trend of untermensch praising is taking over quickly, started by sold-out lackeys of Kremlin and puffed up by politically correct dummies. The world dark scene isn’t an exception here.

I don’t care about self-induced pseudo-limits of those who are about to criticize me for being “too political for a Goth”. To have a free Spirit and wide area of interests can’t be incompatible with Gothic or any other nature. The rebuking ones must get themselves out of clubs, sober up and look around to deal with their own ignorance which is definitely not bliss. Especially in the modern world where the red threat is rising back from grave.

There are things obligatory for everyone regardless of cultural and political preferences. Things such as Honor and Dignity. There are also limits which can never be exceeded by human in his own mind.

No matter of a former nation and reasons of choosing not to belong to it, hard self-besmearing with russian dirt and untermensch praising can turn anyone into the red russian subhuman – as it happened with Lacrimosa.

“During last several years this legendary band became almost native to Russia. Tilo and his company are likely grown to bears and balalaikas with their souls. In this year, the “offering of hand and heart” happened: thanks to the voice of unchanging maestro, the Krasnodar star shined from the scene, and russian flag was placed in a cozy manner near the official banner with a white clown”. (RIP No. 27, Oct/Nov 2009 – translation from russian)

This time I was seriously surprised, but not by the deeds of despicable russian lackey Wolff and his sidekicks. Each nation has enough of its own scum ready to join the red horde and spit on their own dignity for some miserable sop. The sensation was, russian masters of commie bullshit finally said the truth!

Here are a couple of photos from their 2009 show in Moscow.

unterflaggrosse_arschleckerMaybe russian police and street thugs were bashing somebody for being Gothic right at this moment. But this poor somebody wasn’t Wolff, so the latter one feels damn jolly and happy to wave a cattleland flag. The one which is on uniforms of neo-chekist police bastards who torture, murder and rape people for being just different from lowlife chavs. The one which is the symbol of eternal genocide of “others” – both at war and in “peaceful” life of neo-communist hellhole. The one which BTW was on tanks of russian thugs who invaded Georgia to pillage, rape and destroy not so long ago. But we’ll return once more to that matter shortly.

Trying to preserve European political correctness, comrade of ruskies is desperately trying to conceal his addictions (as they hadn’t been demonstrated to entire world). Even being directly asked about Pussy Riot, he tries to slip between the rock and a hard place, like he is one of those non-violence-obsessed fanatics who gladly put their cheeks under repeated bashing (Dark City No 70, Sep/Oct 2012). Yeah yeah, blah blah, “peace” and “non-violence” BS is as old as commie doctrine. Speaking of commies…

commie_starThis cover of “NON-POLITICAL” special russian edition single was designed by ruskies and gladly accepted by their lackeys from Lacrimosa.

In its feature song „I lost my star in Krasnodar“, comrade Wolff was trying to sing in russian himself, assisted by russian fake-Cossack “Krinitsa” band (personal asslicking team of russian kingpin) with balalaikas. The result was far from perfection, but Wolff promised his masters to improve his russian skills – as each and every red lackey used to do before.

For a commie-loving fag, what can be more “Gothic” than bolshevist star? Only the mausoleum with a stuffed commie corpse. It’s unknown did comrade Wolff ever visit the mentioned place – but the eternal gas burner nearby was to his liking. As well as bolshevik scrap all over the cattleland.

wannabe_commies bowing_downA wannabe commie never misses an opportunity to bow down in front of bolshevik legacy – “relics” of red subhuman rapists, looters and murderers, to prove the allegiance to his new masters. Da, tovarisch Wolff?

Don’t know about the lost star, but somebody definitely lost the miserable remains of his dignity and conscience in red hellhole named Krasnodar. Or even before. Looking into more of interviews, I’ve found that:

“Since my visit of Russia in 2005, I was under impression. Afterwards, I was reading only russian writers, and a lot of (things) about russian culture.” (for Rock Oracle magazine).la_rus***

All of that might seem to be strange next to impossible for a civilized mind unfamiliar with the red nightmare. But I know what Russia is and who praises it.

I encountered enough of red lackeys abroad. Young and old, poor and rich, white and black ones… But all united by the single feature: sense of impunity and mania for bragging with it far and wide, which they inherited from their thug masters as some kind of bonus.

The year of 2008 was marked far not only by russian atrocities in Georgia. At the same time, neo-bolshevik subhumans declared Goths, Metalheads and other youth cultures a contemporary equivalent of “vrag naroda” (“enemies of the people”) – extremists, starting the nationwide genocide campaign of wiping out the independent young people, which resulted in total elimination of thinking youths in Russia.

The “comrade Wolff”, who became the jester of that thuggish horde with no conscience and no Honor just chose the most suitable (for him) moment for his perverted buffoonery, singing unholy anthems to his new masters under shining red Kremlin stars of war and genocide, bringing the miserable tribute to his commie masters. Just like true russian subhuman who finds a pleasure in the suffering of others and destruction of civilized culture. Or at least cheering the mob of mad ape-like chavs with screaming and wiggling – either on the stage or at the street with some cheap slogans.

It may be “cool” for someone to praise the red brute at this troubled time, but the impunity always has been an illusion for all red lackeys, regardless of their asslicking efforts. I could’ve said about the Justice, but that would have been too epic for some small-time russian asslicker, whose fate always was and will be the same for ever: to be squashed by untermensch master when he gets bored of same-style asslicking.