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Contrary to the events that happened a year ago, now russe untermenschen failed to get into the top three at 2013 Eurovision, regardless of their corrupt influence in the Europe. Eternal commies tried their worst – in typical russian style. Thugs to the bone, eternal bolsheviks never miss the opportunity for some foul deeds, bringing their Russia wherever they wander, spreading crime, filth and corruption worldwide. That time, it was an attempt to bribe Lithuanians to vote for russian candidate.

One guy revealed the recording of conversation (MP3 is available at the Delphi.lt news page) where he was discussing terms with a red thug – a representative for the deal. For those who don’t understand russian: for 1 “branch”, 10 henchmen were required, each having 5 cell phones to send text messages with a vote for russian unterfrau from each of the devices. Fake voters were promised a sop of € 20, leader of this branch – € 50.

Only the one case of vote-buying was confirmed with evidence, but the same things were going on in other states at russian neighborhood. The similar offerings of dirty russian money were appearing in social networks also (€ 10 and few drinks at some bar). Nevertheless, despite their filthy attempts of both small-time and large-scale bribery, they failed again. Being corrupted beyond any logic and common sense, red thugs are likely just stolen the money intended for the subornation of Europe.

P.S. Soon after the publication, Lithuanian portal got a message with threats and suffered a botnet DDoS attack organized by russian terrorists. Those bastards are confident that no one must say a single word against them. Time to show eternal commies where they belong to. Even the dirtiest pigstall is too honorable for russian scumbags whose filth-erupting mouths must be permanently sealed with hot lead.