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When the borders of red Russia are open, scumbags of all kinds get the most benefit from it. One may not see the relation of this story to Russia, if reading without a little attention just enough to see between the politically correct lines.

Vodka + driving without brains + Natasha prostitute equals der untermensch. Russe untermensch. One does not need to be an ethnic russian to join the horde of lowlife red scum. Just doing everything like eternal commies from East will do the trick for anyone regardless of ethnicity.

If that would have happened in Russia, drunken asshole would have got neither penalty nor even fine, and his ass licked all over by sold-out uniformed dogs. But U.S.A is (still) not russian hellhole, so the bastard earned his jailtime for sure.

Just imagine what will come about when those subhuman wannabe-russian thugs will get the police uniform and officials’ workplaces. In Baltic States and most of Eastern Europe, that already happened.

YOU are the next to choose between the Freedom and russian filth.