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Once I wrote about things that happen when russian asshead propagandists get drunk in their brainless commie pride. Now it’s time to see the holiday cuisine of untermenschen.

This “bolshevik broiler” was cooked to honor the triumph of red horde.bolshevik broiler Poor chicken. Instead of being eaten in peace as his fellow housemates, he suffered a severe humiliation post mortem…

Those commie cakes are the dessert most suitable for untermensch, especially after the chicken shown above.

commie cakesBy the way, handguns are completely banned in Russia so they put a fake plastic one to show their pride for “mighty russian weapons” which are issued to red slaves only for protection of their serfdom.

meatWriting on this shop window says “Meat”, cause russian officials order to decorate all private businesses with neo-bolshevik attire for each May 9. At the billboards, it looks like so:meat billboardAnd so:

cannon fodder dinnerNote the small board to the left, which says “Our native chilled MEAT”

Make a fool to bow with grace and he’ll fall flat on his face, revealing all his shame. Those billboards are telling more truth about russian cannon fodder style of war than their official propaganda.

For a true russian untermensch, there is no holiday without drinking his head off and hard landing in street mud. To help his slave nation to do so with ease, thug dictator Putin ordered the production of low-rate cheap vodka named after him.

price of rus victoryThe discount price tag says “Price of the victory!” That’s one more thing bearing the shadow of historical truth – vodka remains a fuel for russian horde since the time long before the WW II. Without it neither NKVD machineguns nor Gulag would have been able to force untermensch to fight.

What else is mandatory for a russian thug? To share his vodka. Drinking alone is a grave crime against untermensch traditions.

For sharing the subhuman elixir with mates, those disposable sets are available. Ribbons are for those who forgot to buy them, rushing with the crowd towards the messed alcohol stock.

commie setThat’s very preventative of commies. A russian who grunts in mud is just some common russian, but if the same scumbag puts on that ribbon, he is considered a “patriot” who “remembers the victory” despite the inability to remember a single civilized word.