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Recently, an old story about russian thug dictator re-emerged in world news. There is nothing particularly new to me (with all my experience in russian hellhole), but for somebody it may be a new fact. Though all reasonable people must have got it already: russians are no more than bunch of lowlife thugs headed by the top dog most suitable for those red untermenschen.

The conclusion? Russophilia of any kind is an incurable and the most severe form of dementia. The case of commie-lover Kraft who paid for his own foolishness is not the worst here. Even if robbed, beaten and thrown out to the roadside muck by red brutes, russophile imbeciles will continue sing mantras about “mysterious and unpredictable, but oh-so-good russians”. And the spinelessness of politicians who prefer the illusion of stability over the law and order definitely won’t be good for the civilized world. There are 140 millions of russian thieves, looters, rapists and murderers who aren’t going to just lag behind their kingpin.