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It’s hard to surprise those who know the truth about russian subhumans. Though based on recent news, this material isn’t generally new for my regular readers and chosen mostly as the demonstration of stupid anti-logic of some russophile junkies, who still think that bolshevism died together with USSR and keep singing Obama-Merkel mantras about their “russian friends”, whose response is getting more and more friendly with each new day.

Like the recent case of neo-bolshevik orc chieftain Alexander Khinstein who went into traditional red rabies because of published (translated) Sylvie Bednar’s book “Flags of the World”.

Don’t know will the bastard try to forge Twitter messages to fool his foreign “friends” again, so here are the screen captures (each is opened at hyperlink, which are translations for those who can’t read russian).

“The book was published with a print run of 3.000 by CompasGid for children, without age limit. I’d tear off hands and legs for such books.”

“(How in the book for russian children) can be those showoff russophobic forgeries? I consider the entire print run must be confiscated and the publisher with translator must be forced to chew it all!”

The reason for that mad bolshevist drivel was the author’s phrase about “the struggle of Lithuanian people against russian and German invaders” – short interpretation of world-known historical fact. But russian cattle has no History, no memory and no slightest conscience – that’s why scumbags like chekist spawn Khinstein, street thug Mischenko, loathsome swine Lavrov and perverted sadist Putin are their leaders.

The civilized West is obsessed with self-destructive reasonless guilt and habitually goes into the regular frenzy about someone’s “politically incorrect” opinion. But contrary to zombified army of self-humiliating liberal and politically correct dummies, russian horde feels absolutely no guilt, despite the basis for it would have been able to overweight the shame and guilt for crimes committed by all villains that ever poisoned the West with the fact of their existence – if only russians were people. But they are nothing more than 140 millions of eternal red untermenschen who will support any mad desire of their brute leaders.

Those russkies had their last chance for the democracy in 1990s but gave it back to KGB dictators for the guaranteed bowl of Gulag soup and satisfaction of congenital world domination intentions.

Which will never disappear without a help from the outside.

end of russ