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This is just one example from the russian neo-communist Gulag – the corpse of inmate tortured to death by russian brutes in uniform.

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(Source: Kavkaz Center)

In 2010, Tarkhan Kartoev was arrested as “terrorist” after the FSB raid on his village in the Ingushetia. During the raid, four of his brothers were murdered. After having the fake confession (of train bombing) tortured out of him, Kartoev was sentenced to 7.5 years of prison. But that wasn’t enough for bolshevik subhumans who were afraid of the “truth leakage” possibility. So they just tortured him to death by the eternal subhuman tradition of red terror, the similar way they murdered Sergei Magnitsky and thousands of others. But many of those victims don’t even reach the prisons – they are butchered right in local “police stations”, successors of NKVD torture dungeons.

The red nightmare is not gone, and will never be – until russian untermenschen are walking the Earth, confident in their own impunity and promoted by their sold-out henchmen worldwide.