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Ukrainians are protesting during the recent visit of russian thug dictator Putin and his dog Kirill (Gundyaev) in Kyiv. Bastards arrived to “celebrate” the Christainization of Kyiv Rus’ by the special armored train (cause they were afraid for their own commie asses).


99541_499541_399541_5(Source: Kavkaz Center)

The slogans of “Svoboda” activists say: “Down with russian imperialism!”; “Kirill is the stalinist-KGB patriarch”; “Get out, occupants and lackeys of kremlin!”

They were absolutely true. The “orthodoxy” of moskal Russia is nothing but one big neo-soviet fake of russian ersatz-history, as well as the “brotherhood” between Slavic nations and russian untermenschen – descendants of mongol occupants and their vile henchmen.