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I always called things with their true names.

When someone leaves the West with a loudass showoff to proclaim a loyalty to the land of red crime, genocide and subhuman cattle, this is nothing but a vile treason.

Speaking of old ex-French commie swine Depardieu, it could have been funny (without taking into consideration the fact of his troubleless return to the place he spat on) – just one look at this fat imbecile drunk in the company of russian natashas is enough.

But the example of that dirty commie was a kind of signal for the russophile scum worldwide. They got it straight away: no one will blast their asses for licking russian one. This is getting especially not funny when some bastard hands over to eternal commies something more important than worthless drunk himself. Like the new top russian asslicker named Snowden.

In the modern time of common sense avoiding, fun addiction and “everyone-is-oh-so-cool celebrity” trend, the last of red scumbags can go automatic on air and gather loads of fans fresh right from TV couches and out of kitchens. Or army of high-educated “elite” politically correct, RT-addicted wannabe philosopher junkies who consider even the spitting right in their mawkish faces as something to dispute about, believing the liberal tales of “human rights” – especially those are being told by russian commie thugs. Most of listeners don’t bother themselves with distinguishing the reality from commie bullshit, singing mantras how “everybody loves everybody” until the new russian Gulag will be around.

The leftist propaganda has a lifetime tradition of exaggeration, perversion and overblowing of petty facts to the scale of world tragedies to play with cheap emotions of dim-witted masses. That way, russian propagandists are barking from their country of red genocide, new Gulag and KGB at their RT channel about “evil American government” that is “spying after their own citizens”. That’s a familiar trick – last time before it reds were hopping mad about “evil Americans” who “abuse children”, feeling absolutely free to butcher their spawn with Gulag and Holodomor methods (brutal beatings and torture, rape, extermination with starving and freezing, etc.) in Russia.

It’s impossible to be that dumb to not see the hideous face and gruesome deeds of russian brute, but for somebody it’s very possible to give away the remains of own conscience for especially meaty leftover bone chunks from the kremlin table.

For those who became the lackeys of the most criminal, corrupted and lowlife nation of thugs and prostitutes, the motivation NEVER matters because there can’t be ANY of it. Only the size of sop matters here.

The end of despicable russian dog Snowden will be the same as for all commie-loving bastards before him: gallons of vodka, long row of Natasha whores, mad carousing with new thug “buddies” and final hangover in the one of torture chambers after wearing out at new KGB “work”.

But such treacherous scumbags are never able to appear out of nowhere. Just like the flesh parasites that feast on weakened, dying and ill bodies, traitors are multiplying inside ill countries, where the vital past is forgotten, the evident present is neglected and life is observed in no way but through the “magical glasses” of political correctness.

So speaking about treason next time, stop and think: isn’t that YOU who gave the bastard a chance with your own indifference and recklessness?