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As all really breaking news, the recent assault of russian uniformed thugs on Ukrainian fishers in the Azov sea remained silenced. Even some Ukrainian sources represent this murder as “deliberate ramming”.

Long-time tradition of russian piracy is not something special. Thug president, criminal “heroes” and lowlife nation fully match the pirate border guards who are assaulting and murdering people just for “fun” as each and every russian does, if he gets an instrument of abuse – from the common car to military vessel or helicopter.

For those who don’t understand the VIDEOS and ARTICLE (KC ALTERNATIVE): russian sea thugs chased, circled and rammed the Ukrainian fishing launch, shooting with machineguns. During the massacre, ruskies were shouting “We were and will always be sending you Khokhols to the bottom!”, whistling and laughing.

Only one of the crew, Alexander Fedorovich, was left alive and captured by russian thugs. Now he remains imprisoned in russian hellhole, facing the fake lawsuit for “poaching” and 2 years of prison.

This is far not the first time when russian bastards are hunting for Ukrainian fishermen. The Sea of Azov has no definite border between the Ukraine and Russia with rather weak presence of Ukrainian border guard forces. Having no alternative in the post-Soviet descent, many Ukrainians from shore towns and villages are forced to choose the fisher’s fate – and play catch with death that comes under the russian flag.

In the case where Norwegian fishermen were involved, russians were still not “brave” enough to shoot and ram their vessel. But this modern “stability” which the gutless Western politicians are addicted to, has no promises but only one: impunity for russian bastards today guarantees the red rampage tomorrow – already on the foreign shore. Cause eternal commie thugs love a lot of different “fun” – especially one that paints the water RED.