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For the birthday of political prisoner Boris Stomakhin, I translated one of his articles to English language.

This desperate exposure of russian essence was one of reasons for neo-soviet thugs to throw him into Putin’s Gulag, where he met his 39th birthday. Red scum never bothers for using its traditional brutality – so now Mr. Stomakhin is facing 10 years of prison for having a conscience.

The truth about russian untermenschen is the strongest antidote against the neo-soviet intentions of eternal bolshevik scum – that’s why they are so afraid of a few independent people that survived the commie-planned genocide. Vile russian thugs imprisoned Boris Stomakhin as well as many other rebels of word and weapon, but they will never be able to avoid the Justice that will come with the global awareness about russian crimes. Knowing what Russia and its filthy serf nation are, no civilized man can doubt what to do with this horde of red subhumans.


No, folks, nothing is gonna help you.

You are animals. And even worse.

The country populated by scum chose the main scumbag to be a president.

Latynina writes how she is bothered to hear that “Russia is not ready for the democracy”. But nothing is forcing her to listen. The problem is not there – it doesn’t matter is Russia ready or not. The unique “democracy” in the country of slaves and murderers is something completely opposite to the democracy as it meant in the civilized world.

Who cares if congenital slaves like their serfdom (they didn’t ever live other way and can’t compare)? Let them lick the boots of their masters, sacrifice themselves and go to Hell as masters will order – but what’s our business here? We’re out of this land of death.

Only one thing doesn’t let us to spit on those slaves and leave them to mercy of their masters. The rights of minorities.

In every land, every nation, every herd of meek and speechless (or cheerful) slaves there are always a few protesters. Those who are against the slavery. Against the eternal serfdom, set up at their great-great-great-great-great-grandfathers’ time. Against the cult of “great leader” that always turns out to be bloody scumbag and mad brainless boar.

But those people just can’t demonstrate their protest. Even before the KGB, secret police and personal leader’s security, meek and cheerful loyal slaves that are everywhere will stone and trample them. Or at least report the “dissenter” and “free-minder” that appeared in their convenient pigstall, threatening to jeopardize their cattle well-being and satisfaction.

The dissidents have existed at all times. Those who just aren’t agreed and fight for Freedom, against the regime. And those who were just born with the dissimilar and immanent features, different from gray submissive mass of both aggressive and meek majority. It doesn’t matter who exactly: homosexuals, Jews or Chechens…

Just because of only those people, russian bastards can’t be allowed to live as they want and used to for centuries.

So the long and hard process of basic human tolerance education for russian subhumans had begun… The education about “other” and “dissimilar” ones that can’t be trampled with the herd and everybody’s right to life, even for those who are not like you. And human rights for everyone – no matter Chechens, homosexuals, Muslims, Krishnaits or immigrants.

This is going on for more than 20 years already, but “the cart is still there”. It turned out that russian cattle is completely non-educable. They are still obdurate in their evil, worshiping their Stalin, dreaming about massacre of all the “others” from homosexuals to liberals and re-occupation of colonies lost in 1991 (Ukraine and Belarus first).

So what we must do with you, stupid russian swine brutes? The real solution is one and only: to destroy every one of you. Slay all of you at the slaughterhouse, you stupid russian inhuman, anti-human scum. To clean the Earth of you. To double-nuke your Moscow with other big cities, secret objects like Arzamas-16, junction stations etc. To destroy every one of you with no mercy, cause you won’t ever change but have no slightest right for existence “as is”.

It’s time to finally clean up those stables of Auges that take 1/7 of the world and recycle their stinky bio-mass.

So there is no reason to worry about you. You are the scum and filth, filth and scum that must be wiped out completely. You are the waste and riffraff of humankind. You russian swines must die and only die. Contrary to the opinion of civilized countries and human right activists, it’s the only “democracy” possible for you.