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Yelling about “highly moral and spiritual essence” became a part of the new russian subhuman ideology. The slave population of former “most free and happy Socialist country” surprisingly quickly turned to pretending as the diehard Christians and defenders of traditional values, succeeding to fool even some Westerners with their cheap buffoonery.

Here is the true “morality” of russian scum. After murdering unborn children, russians dumped their remains like some household waste. Those corpses attracted packs of stray dogs for a gruesome feast, results of which are shown HERE (18+).

But contrary to those human-eating dogs, russian subhumans understand and even enjoy what they are doing. Not only when feeding aborted fetuses to the dogs.

Also when extorting bribes from would-be mothers at so-called “maternity hospitals”.

Or when making a pelvic surgery to a woman without any painkillers. No, not in the middle of nowhere. Just because the asshole “doctor” wanted so.

Or when amputating healthy limbs because of minor joint problems. Just because corrupt russian universities can’t bring any skilled surgeons (or other specialists).

So what you gonna say in return, sympathizers of russian hellhole and its “morality”?