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It’s not the first time when the nation of murderers, terrorists, rapists and looters tries to teach others “morality”. But in no time before our troubled days the West was so meek in front of the commie scum. Vile and corrupt russian politics turned into the showoff mockery and bullying of “flexible” gutless fools that bend to any will of russian thugs but always fail (surprising, huh?), no matter how hard they try.

One may choose various reasons to oppose the involvement in the Syrian civil war. But regardless of nature and essence of their arguments, no one has a benefit from the possible outcome. No one but russian scum.

Many things around Syria will become clear if one will remember that Asad’s regime is entirely russian-made. From his chemical weapons, tanks and guns once shipped by reds to his brutal tactics of war, controlled from the Kremlin. And of course, the backup plan of Asad’s evacuation to Moscow (in case if the West will stop being sissy). It’s not in russian style to be good friends – the end of Saddam Hussein is enough to remember. But many things changed since that time and ruskies, encouraged by impunity will do their worst to save their still-needed strategic allies. So the bloody dictator Assad can be confident in his security until he is needed by his master dictator Putin and the West is ruled by cowards like Obama.

Obama and his pro-Muslim affairs has nothing to do with so-called “support of Jihadists”. He is a quite odious political figure, but not because of Muslim addiction. Indeed, he has no special point for Muslims – he just tries to please everyone except of his own nation, working as a kick-me jester with no slightest respect even from few allies, but praised as a gift by opponents – cause no one of them could ever dream about such a thing. The President, always ready to serve as punching-bag for ruskies and proudly do nothing as reds are seizing the world with terror, murder and bribing.

The recent treacherous agreement is just one of such examples.

It was preceded by the storm of bullshit from all russian propaganda that was barking about “terrrorist chemical attack”, “flesh-eating rebel monsters” and “evil American warmongers”. Well, I just said my thoughts about one “evil sissy”. And some deeds of the real monsters are shown here. Finally, the “Jihadist gas attack” commie crap widely spread by their RT bastards is not a first time when red untermenschen are trying to convict somebody with their own atrocities.

In 1940, they murdered Polish POWs and kept barking “evil Nazis did that”.

In 1941, they were torching their own villages and butchering civilians with special NKVD squads disguised as German SS and Wehrmacht, to incite the hatred towards the liberators.

During the activity of Ukraine Insurgent Army (1941-1950s), they were murdering and raping disguised as insurgents.

After the WW2, they re-built entire concentration camp structures (the most infamous is the one in Auschwitz) and made loads of fake human-skin items to forge the “death machine of evil Nazis”.

During the Vietnam war, they represented atrocities of their fellow commies as “deeds of evil Americans”.

And now, they are trying to start the same hammer-and-sickle organ grinder but with the new song about “evil terrorists”.

To believe those scumbags, one should be completely out of his mind.

Note the crazy twist in russian propaganda that fouled itself traditionally: from mad barking about “evil Jihadists with chemical weapons” they went to the “peaceful” idea to surrender the Assad’s chemical weapons. But the sissy West used to swallow things much worse.


To kill someone, there is no big bad missiles needed. Take away the gun from thug, and he’ll use a tire iron. Take away the chemical weapons from asshole dictator, and he’ll use the prison camp (from Russia with love!) instead. No loud explosions, no bombings, everything is cool and calm, hidden behind the thick walls. The stability (BTW a favorite word of russian dictator to brag) is just what dummies want. They will gladly confirm all the fake shoved under their nose – cause it’s not they or their families who will remain in red hellhole for torments and horrible death. Maybe UN dummies will even give the asylum to those few who escape the nightmare, to demonstrate how highly the human being is valued in the “perfect, civilized and happy world ruled by the wise international government”.

How it is REALLY valued, one can see in the modern politics that is entirely dedicated to satisfaction of the russian untermensch – eternal red murderer and crazy maniac. So if you will be stupid enough to continue recognizing russian world domination plans as “politics”, their KGB bullshit as “news”, their red Mordor as “civilized country”, and its scum population as “people”, don’t be surprised when someday your homeland will hang you over to new masters from the red East.