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Intended for Mr. McCain as reply to his praising of subhumans, this letter will be useful for anyone who is still sharing his brainwashed opinion about the “oppressed russian people”.


Dear Mr. McCain!

I read your response to Putin’s address in an American press. In your article, you refer to the people of Russia. You are strongly mistaken, making distinction in your address between the population of Russia and Putin.

Putin has not fallen from the sky, he’s the same person as each citizen of Russia and those who voted for him. Can you imagine, Mr. McCain, the crowd who repeatedly chooses to itself the leader for their own country who is a murderer and criminal? This is the Russian people. I am responsible for my words. Rigged elections in which Putin accused were undoubtedly. But the bulk of the population actually voted for Putin. I personally know several people who sold their votes for 1500 rubles (a little bit less than $ 50).

I have the facts, family names. But the evidence is not necessary, in the Russian segment of the Internet you can find many revelations of “voters”.

Your appeal is based on the logical conclusions that follow from the basic facts. But the population of Russia does not accept the logic and truth.

Truth is suicidal for them because it destroys all the myths on which this state lies.

In your article, you mentioned about Sergei Magnitsky, who was killed in a Russian prison because he has revealed one of the corrupt practices of the Putin deals. Did you know that in Russia such name as Magnitsky’s is almost forgotten? Russian people does not care about that somewhere and someone was killed, as long as it did not affect them personally. Also they have forgotten about such names as Alexander Litvinenko, Anna Politkovskaya, Artyom Borovik, Yuri Schekochikhin.

Those people who remember them in today’s Russia can be counted on one hand.

You wrote that the regime of Bashar al-Assad is criminal because he killed tens of thousands of its citizens. Who do you write it? For those who have destroyed the camps of nearly 40 million, while the rest of people or shaking in fear, or waiting for their turn, or write denunciations of their loved ones, in the hope that they will delay the own end? And after, only 50-odd years, these same people erect monuments to Stalin – bloody tyrant who destroyed far more people than Hitler. And releasing a new history textbook, in which they write black and white, that at these time the murder of millions of innocents was necessary for the development of the country!

In your address, you appeal to the Russians, as normal people. But would a normal person use his apartment building as a toilet? Is normal person would draw a poster with the Nazi swastika and the Orthodox cross and the slogan: “Orthodoxy or Death!”? Or paint the icon with the face of Stalin and Putin?

Do you know, Mr. McCain, that Russian call Americans “Pindos”? For each of the different population Russian people has insulting and derogatory names.

For example, the Ukrainians they call “Khokhlov”, Belarusians – “Bulbash”.

Jewish “Yids”, Polish – “lyahami” or “logs” and about all, without exception, people of the Middle East and the Caucasus “chocks”. And almost all Russian people tell like this. What do you think, is this normal? Just do not say that it is all the result of the impact of propaganda.

Propaganda is only valid for those who refuse to believe to their brains.

Mr. McCain, let me ask you a question. What would the people of the United States do, if someone tried to usurp power in your country, just as Putin did in Russia? It seems to me that the answer is in the Constitution of the United States of America. I think that your people took to arms. Correct me if I’m wrong.

And how act the people of Russia, in particular his operetta opposition?

They are trying to negotiate with criminals! With the heirs of those who destroyed this very people since 1917! They must be either an unmitigated scoundrel or a fool that not to realize such a simple thing that the bandits will not give up power voluntarily. Stay in power, criminals can only be with the full non-resistance of the people.

Putin did not personally kill Chechens, Putin did not personally blow up buildings in Moscow and Volgodonsk. He did not kill independent journalists and imprison opposition. And it certainly was not Putin who was sitting at the controls of tanks in the attack on Georgia by Russia.

In today’s Russia there are political prisoners. People who dare to utter a word against the system, are in prison now. Some of them are for the second time, as writer Boris Stomakhin who spent not more than year at freedom and now he is at prison again only for his words! Just like the girl from “Pussy Riot” who sigh: “Mother of God, drive a Putin!” In Russia remained punitive psychiatry since the Soviet Union, human rights activist Yevgeny Novozhilova trying to put crazy. Mikhail Khodorkovsky rendered the second absurd sentence, and Sergei Magnitsky was just killed.

So who is doing all of the above? Is Putin personally? No! All this creates the Russian people to whom you have applied.

Mr. McCain, you’ve probably heard the expression “mysterious Russian soul”.

So, the whole mystery of Russian soul lies in the fact that it is the soul of a slave. In Russian there is a saying: “none of my business.” This means indifference to the misfortunes of others, complete detachment from participating in their own destiny. Since slaves can not speak the language of free men, they just do not understand. Yes, and for the freedom of slaves taken permissiveness and lack of punishment for any heinous act, not the highest degree of self-responsibility. Putin is well aware of who he is dealing and playing by their rules. It is an organic part of this nation.

Mr. McCain, I know that to understand all of these for person who has never lived in the Soviet Union and Russia is difficult. But I ask you, try to just understand my word, then the picture of the Russian behaviours will appear in front of you, like a puzzle. Will become apparent illogical at first glance, actions of Russian politicians and Putin in particular. Mr Ronald Reagan, whom I consider the greatest politician of the 20th century, could realized it and could very easily turn the ridge of the Evil Empire.

Every nation deserves its government.

I was born and lived in the Soviet Union and later in Russia until I am 39 years old. Realizing that surrounds me, I ran away from there with my family. For every word that wrote to you I am ready to answer under oath.

With sincere respect to you,

Anton Petushkov, political refugee

Poland 20/09/13