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This is my translation of another article written by Boris Stomakhin.

There are almost no straight ways left in our world. We can still hear the words of praising to Allah “who created us Muslims and blessed us with Jihad on His straight path!” only from Chechens that fight against the gruesome bloody empire. Alas, others prefer crooked paths…

It’s not about ruskies whose way is much more than crooked – it’s an endless loop of slavery and violence. The most saddening thing here is a choice of the West that abandoned its former long way of achieving and defending the Freedom for themselves and others. The Western community (parties, press, NGOs and even some parliamentary fractions) is not silent about the genocide in Ichkeria – most brutal one since the end of WW2. Honest people of the West are doing their best to help its victims. Alas, the governments, presidents and prime ministers remain deaf to the horrors of the Chechen Holocaust, caught on the oil-gas hook of Moscow.

This has begun not since yesterday. The Western idea of own safety through isolation from commie Russia with permission for russians to do what they want, in fact the right for mass murders granted to bolshevist regime in their country, appeared long before the demise of USSR. Already in the middle of XX century Ludwig von Mises, the classic and ideologist of Western liberalism, said: “Let russians be themselves. Let them do what they want in their own land. But we can’t let them to cross the borders with intentions to destroy the European civilization. Will russian people neglect soviet system or not – it’s up for them to decide. Now the country of whip and gulags is no more a serious threat to the European peace. So we can just leave them alone”.

But then something even more interesting happened. Left-right political changes in the governments of leading Western countries are not so insignificant, especially as it seems to be when looking from Russia. If the right-wing ones (followers of von Mises) at least were caring about the security of their own Atlantic civilization and defense against the aggressive barbarianism of Moscow with its satellites, the leftists came to idea of a complete surrender to commie Russia. So begun to appear the absurd and dangerous Western leftist theory of the “convergence” between capitalism and socialism with merging of their best features that (as they say) both systems have. Doesn’t matter it was supported by Sakharov – it is still absurd and dangerous.

Now we can see a culmination of this process: the legislation of so-called “European constitution” and transformation of Europe into the unified strictly centralized state. All this was beginning from quite reasonable ideas of common market, economic union and canceling of customs obstacles. But the process was seized by Western leftists that came into power in 60-70s. They were different from soviet ones just like mensheviks from bolsheviks, having the same goal but a longer and more curved way. Their creation resulted in not just some spiritual and economic union. It turned out as strict-ordered organization, intentionally created to fit the soviet structure and matching with it like parts of toy constructions set with a purpose to merge the EU and USSR in the future.

Do you remember loud slogans about “united European home” that were used 20 years ago when the perestroika started?

They meant not only some spiritual and ideological “return” of russian serfs to Europe where they never lived. As it has become clear now, it meant a deal between leftist European governments and Gorbachev’s elite to merge, or to feed the Europe to bloodthirsty red bear. Meanwhile, the nations of occupied Baltic countries (true and congenital Europeans) were longing for the European integration to become separated from Moscow.

By the way, now  there are left-wing governments in the largest European countries like United Kingdom and Germany – with the majority of Labor and Social Democratic parties. The result named “European Union” actually looks like USSR in its bureaucratic unlimited power of Brussels government, planned government control for all countries and slowly forthcoming police state regime. Not only for Chechen refugees who often face humiliation and deportation threats. For Europeans their own-made “home” provides a possibility to be extradited and imprisoned despite of native laws, just for the criticism of EU and its bureaucracy or their immigration policy (this is considered a “xenophobia” and “racism” there).

In such a covert way, the ideas of common market without economical boundaries and expansion of a cultural and educational interaction between countries were replaced with a creation of soviet-like barrack-styled confederation. Even the terms are common: infamous EU “commissars” were taken from the first decades of bolshevist regime. Instead of a friendship between homes and families, everyone was forced into one communal apartment.

Results of those changes can turn up very surprising today. I already mentioned Chechens whom the official socialist Europe refuses to help despite of 10-year-long brutal genocide. Like by orders from Moscow, security organizations started to block “Kavkaz Center” and famous newspapers begun to spread Lubyanka-made bullshit about Chechens that are intended to bomb Eiffel Tower or how packs of them rushing towards Iraq to kill Western soldiers. But this was not enough: now the Moscow and its henchmen are using EU as a cudgel against the Baltic states, forcing the EU to pressure and condemn them for some non-existing “minority right violations” or memorials to the heroes who fought against the bolshevism. EU is always patient, agreed and “expressing concerns” while the court of Brussels gives orders to pay compensations to former red occupants.

With their unbounded boorishness, russians of Latvia and Estonia have created so-called “russian party of EU” (or more exactly, it was created by Moscow). This is regarding the ability of Russia to threaten the West. Von Mises considered it too weak and unable for any threats, but now its has the “fifth column” with unlimited claims in addition to agents in Western left-wing governments (Not only in Latvia or Estonia. In the ENTIRE EUROPE). With the traditional European respect to Law and Order, obedience to rules and scrupulosity in legal matters, there is a serious reason to worry that a bit later Russia will occupy Europe without a single shot – just following legal rules and laws of the EU. The EU where the leftists rule and which isn’t going to see the dangers of russian imperialism and revanchism, singing the Moscow song since the times of Gorbachev, looking into the eyes of bloody dictator and sincerely shaking his bloody hand again and again full of fidelity.

Even in the Great Britain there is an Independence party amongst other “euro-skeptics”. Just think about it! The Independence party in once a largest and most powerful empire that was deciding the fate of other nations. Alas, the socialist Moscow-pocket democracy of Brussels was able to yoke even the English lion. But the UK is the country with still no Euro currency in use, one least bound with that “European home”. If not this relative independence – neither Zakaev nor new russian dissidents like Berezovsky or Litvinenko would have been able to get an asylum there, ending up in prison like Khodorkovsky…

The recently integrated Baltic states that wanted to get there so much, considering membership as the symbol of their return to Europe now are tormented by growing prices, oppression of local farmers and economical troubles caused by the militarist economic system of forceful redistribution. As russian nazi-bolsheviks were saying at their own website, all this gives them a solid ground for provocations and spreading of pro-soviet revanchist morale amongst common people. Meanwhile, the Latvian President explains the shameful decision to visit Moscow at May 9 to celebrate so-called “victory day” (of stalinist tyranny that defeated its own and all neighbor nations) with a desire to be together with European leaders. The question is, what for and what the Latvian nation will benefit from this ass-licking. Maybe some joint ritual denouncing of “Latvian neo-Nazism and attempted historical revisionism”…

So maybe getting in the EU wasn’t worth it? Maybe yes… There is more trouble than help, and the honor is purely ceremonial. But the most interesting thing there is the full absence of the right to secede from the EU. Either in the new “European Constitution” or somewhere else. Even the soviet Constitution had this (only on the paper). But the EU has not even that.

In those dark years when the soviet dissidents were imprisoned and locked in madhouses for a slightest disagreement with the communist regime, all “progressive” activists of the West were leftists, socialists and commies. Let we take Sartre, Camus and other French thinkers for example. They never lived in soviet “paradise”, knew the Gulag from inside or were forced logging in Siberia, but were fanatically inciting youths, students and intellectuals to the achieving of “social justice” in the way usual for communists – through street riots and pogroms a la 1968, when French students were vandalizing shops and burning cars that belonged to other people.

The soviet communism was defeated officially, but it still alive behind the facade of beautiful words about democracy, “social justice” and “return to Europe” in EU as well as in Russia with its “democratic” chekist regime. As ideology, the leftism originated from the West but it was turned into the horrible virus that corrupted both Russia (which never was immune) and the West by serf russian nation with a thousand-year slave mentality, habits of blind submission, violent politics and congenital lust “to seize and redistribute” (to make everyone equal in poverty).

Communism and socialism can be truly named a syphilis of the Western world – especially of the Europe. It was infected by the bolshevist Russia during the century-long unending rape. But naïve and gutless Europeans just continue to “relax and enjoy”, so their land that once was a citadel of the Freedom is now under the new wannabe-totalitarian regime and unlimited international bureaucratic power, after having so many revolutions successful and so many tyrants overthrown!

As it known from the biology, new organs are created by the new features. Fight for Freedom that exists even in contemporary post-industrial totally controlled world will inevitably lead to the creation of a new organs, organizations, unions and other structures instead of obsolete useless UN and PACE that betrayed a Freedom mission. A new structures will rise, cause no one can take the will to Freedom from people. Those new unions won’t be created by officials in Brussels. They will grow out of the fight to mature at the battlefield under fire of russian “Grads” and mortars.

The History is full of paradoxes. Often those who are considered “freedom fighters” and overthrowers of tyrants today will build the tyranny even more cruel tomorrow, just like the bolsheviks. And those who are being called names like “Islamic fundamentalists” in enlightened liberal Europe will turn out as owners of superior Spirit, an embodiment of the true Freedom that was written on the banners of all great European revolutions, bearing it as a reminder and eternal reproach to treachery and despicable slyness of spineless Moscow lackeys…


The article was written several years ago, so certain things mentioned by Mr. Stomakhin have changed but the general idea (and unfortunately, the leftist-russian political heading of the modern EU) still remains important, maybe even more than before.

So-called “European constitution” was never ratified but instead of it EU members legislated a set of even worse treaties made to suppress the rights of individuals and enforcement of total and international government control, like Dublin (I/II) regulations, agreement on driving license, UN-controlled gun laws etc. The Kavkaz Center website found its safe place in Sweden and keeps his fight on from here despite the mad hysteria of russian subhumans that are still trying to shut it down through the UN, attempts to murder its activists and cyber-terrorist attacks – but everything in vain.

As a political refugee, I can confirm the mistreatment by pro-russian local officials. I am not a Chechen, but when you are against russians the ethnicity barely matters for commie scum. Promoted by Kremlin and local fifth column of russian thugs, prostitutes and thieves, former soviet “nomenclature” scumbags crawled their way into all key positions of power, police and courts, hiding behind the new EU laws and “holy cow” myths that created a no-responsibility system with a face of corporate dummy and insides of bloody CheKa thug commissar. The UN is just the other russian dummy there. But my story needs some other special occasion to be told.

I am not a supporter of Islam. But I don’t believe the threat of so-called “Islamization” overblown by some modern dim-witted wannabe Nazis (BTW to know how Muslims were really treated by the Third Reich, read something from genuine History). It’s not the Islamist radicals and immigrants who seized vital human rights for free speech, honest elections, homeschooling or to keep and bear arms, swapping all of them with fake safety and showoff hippie-styled bliss. Still not completely everywhere, but this can always be enforced with some help of Eastern comrades.

So let this article be a warning to all who are still able to resist the neo-soviet threat. An example story of defeated nations, ruled by Kremlin henchmen and prepared for being hanged over to russians like a herd of sheep.

If someone keeps saying that Russia is a “friend” and how wonderful it is to live in peace and love of everybody to everybody, THIS is the time when you should be on guard. Lies is the main weapon of modern Russia and its lackeys worldwide. They can’t take the weapon out of you hands in the direct confrontation – but they can do it by convincing you that “you don’t need it, Cold War is over, so let’s be friends”.

The essence and eternal world domination intentions of Russia can be banished only together with its population of congenital slaves that keeps their commie Mordor resurrecting again and again.