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The more someone tries to please the russian untermensch, the more miserable he becomes, ending up as a scapegoat for the red scum. Looks like European dummies are desperately unintended to study russian thug rules despite their desire to live under red power. Maybe they suppose that ruskies will just let them have their laws. Not surprising with all the traditional stupidity of russophiles who learn nothing from History.

Keep licking, Netherlands. Keep licking. And hanging refugees from Russia back over to bloody butchers.

Today commie bastards arrest your citizens at the neutral territory, but tomorrow they will invade the “free” Europe. You still have time to beg out some thicker prison soup in the new Gulag that is already prepared for you.

15.10 UPDATE: Enraged that the Dutch police won’t get a showoff punishment, red scumbag dictator Putin ordered his goons to assault the embassy employee (use some Web translator to read the article).

Keep licking, non-violence junkies.