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Once again, the new European power demonstrated its filthy red essence.

A young Polish artist Jeremy Szumczyk tried to show others the truth about gruesome atrocities of bolshevik horde. He created the statue named “Komm Frau” and placed it at the so-called (by red invaders) “Avenue of victory”, Danzig (now Gdansk).


The next day, the statue was removed and the artist arrested. (Sources: Polskie Radio, Miami Newsday).

Not a surprising reaction, especially when those officials already proved themselves as despicable russian dogs. (Their contacts are HERE and HERE. I doubt any appeal will change their corrupted commie minds, but a sufficient flow of letters at least will give them some trouble.)

It’s not a first time when neo-commies are openly destroying any reminder of the war that offends their russian masters and sacred cow myth of “victory of good soviets upon the evil Nazism”. Serial grave desecrations, ban of Third Reich symbols (with completely free usage of soviet ones), censored education, government-controlled media. Everything with mawkish smiles and bullshit about “peace, political correctness and unity”.

The only unity the present EU stands for is faceless equality of socialist-bred sheeple.