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This is an open letter to all Estonians. Despite the lack of the official language status for English, I see no reason for using Estonian. Not because I don’t know it well enough. The paradox is that if I hadn’t reconsider my intentions to learn Estonian and become a resident of this country – I would never write this.


In my multi-ethnic family there always was a tradition of respect towards all civilized nations and cultures. With a fluency in several languages and brief knowledge in a couple of others, learning Estonian couldn’t be hard for me.

But the events of a few last years made me reconsider the recognition of you as civilized nation that deserves any respect and worth of collaboration.

This opinion has evolved not only because of personal experience, though even it alone could have been a certain reason to lose any respect towards you. But I know things even worse than life of some guy who got backstabbing with russian axe instead of civilized life and Freedom. I can still judge with a common sense that is even more foreign to your country than national dignity.

Have you ever heard about the Dignity? The Liberty?

THIS is how your own patriots are being treated in your country. Mocked by russian assholes and your natives who laugh together with them. Once I thought it was a bullshit of some commie bitch. But now I know it wasn’t.

There is plenty of red scum all over the world now, but their status in certain place is determined mostly not by money (by tradition stolen from their fellow ruskies). The main difference is attitude of a common man who is choosing between the Freedom and slavery.

You’ve made your decision.

Don’t start the usual street organ BS on “poor russians” that are “running away from the injustices of their homeland”. Those who are doing so will never carry the injustice on their backs to re-mount and spread it at the new place, cursing anyone who would try to oppose in a slightest.

As you turned out even more slow-minded than ruskies say in “Baltic jokes”, I’ll make it clear: ruskies are choosing your country because they LOVE the damn cozy amusement park you’ve made out of your homeland. You gladly welcome any commie trash that gets here a life much easier than in their native hellhole where only dogfighting or asslicking (or all together) gives an opportunity to live another day. After just crossing the border ruskies are getting into completely opposite reality where they are masters without doing ANYTHING. Even without paying with wealth stolen from fellow “comrades”. This is not Americas where russian chav has a solid chance to catch a hollowpoint bullet instead of “fun” or end up living under the bridge after drinking the last dollar away. Let alone the need to study “oh-so-hard” English/Spanish… Why go somewhere that far with ass protected and licked all over, native grunting at every place from Toompea to Illukka and the ultimate bonus of privileged caste membership in neighbor Estonia?

The reason can’t be in a small elitist group. Even malicious replacing of all government with FSB-KGB agents couldn’t result in such a disgraceful outcome.

It’s you who bow down in front of red scumbags regardless of what they say to you in their KGB newspapers, meetings and just in person.

It’s you who don’t care when your country is being turned into a shithole by red “tibla” bastards each of whom leaves behind a trail of corruption, crime and shit.

It’s you who speak the language of invaders, murderers, rapists and looters just to please their dirty spawn as well as old commie parasites who feel so damn comfortable they aren’t going to learn a single Estonian word and boast with it – just like in USSR.

It’s you who left your own children at the mercy of subhuman horde.

It’s you who prefer red parasitic drunk scum over young specialists who are forced to leave unwelcoming “homeland” in search for a better life. And don’t start your usual crying about “lack of engineers” with naïve faces – you’ve done everything for this to happen.

It’s you who support corrupt, russian-addicted or just plain KGB officials, police and judges to have an absolute power upon you and promote red invader orcs in every way imaginable.

It’s you who don’t care when your rights are being taken away one by one under cheap slogans of “EU standards” by commie thugs. While you are forced to complete the new mandatory EU-legislated driving education course (that reminds of astronaut preparation) to get a mere driving license, russian thugs and prostitutes are exchanging their fake “documents” bought for bribe to valid ones and each Euro-police dog is ready to lick their exhaust pipe. No matter if russian scumbag drunk, on high or without ANY documents or license plates. But what I’m talking about? This can be understood only by the someone who possesses at least some dignity. You’d rather go green at the roadside with a happy cycling junkie attitude.

You don’t need the civilized society where the Law and Order rule. It’s natural for you to bend over. So I won’t even be speaking separately about the only-on-the-paper right to keep and bear arms, usurped by your “police” assholes. But to be honest there, I must mention an exception: some of your women that voluntary joined the Kaitseliit home guard force. Quite reasonable move – when ruskies come girls won’t be able to get away with just drinking vodka and “buddy-buddy” hugging like you castrates gonna do.

If the History itself didn’t teach you anything, nothing will do. Only the grave can straighten out the hunchback. What reasonable arguments can I have for the nation who chose the brainless do-nothing apathexualism as the attitude of each person and entire society, growing it to such an enormous size that it forced all other human feelings away?

The patriot who went through hard times is a mockery for you and the foreigner who doesn’t want to worship russian scum is an enemy. Not a “vrag naroda” as your russian commie masters use to label the people, cause you’ll never reach their degree of abominations and repressions with the temperament you have. But your loser “national idea” will compensate.

Except of a few people (who are mostly reasonable women), you are the nation of gutless russian lackeys that consider slavery, injustice and corrupt absolute power of commie scum absolutely natural, living in a whore land that gives itself to russian bear for free and enjoys it. Even worse than a street whore that still gets some coins for selling own body. You “give yourself” to russians completely free and get pleasure from it with a perverted logic of congenital slave that has only one example to compare with: der rote untermensch.

You deserve nothing but the full-scale return of their horde to rule upon you, official slave status and a bowl of GULAG soup in exchange for your Freedom that died even before it could have been born in your despicable miserable souls.

And with the mentality you have, it won’t take too long to wait.


Those who still have brains and balls should have a look for those photos. This will happen if ruskies come.

210A typical thing to see in Estonian park. Trendy “green” attitude comes especially handy there.

199Russian self-expression may vary, but the essence is always the same. So the reaction of Estonians who have just a perfect ability to feel cloud nine, even with commie shit all over their home. No crack, no pots. Just go green and be happy!

202There was a whole street of stumps. Like true Europeans, Estonians love to care about environment. Especially by orders of their russian masters.

cocksuckers adsPromotion of investment in russian economics. Needless to say, this campaign failed miserably.

215A gas station of russian murderers, where those few Estonians who still didn’t ditch their ride fuel up. In near-border areas, they prefer to go to the country of GULAG for that purpose. But the right to drive is slowly handed over to caste of red masters, for they could do more shit shown above.

221Cars need fuel. Commies need vodka. Estonians provide both. Central heating (with russian energy of course) in Estonia is so poor that vodka becomes an elixir of survival in winter.

219Russian fuel just can’t go without some “slave snack” (“vene juust” is “russian cheese”). Demolish the GULAG and slaves will build a new one…

224Waste paper “books” for the horde of parasites and their dirty spawn. To get some English or Deutsch literature, one must search for special place in a big city. But every local shop has plenty of russian crap.

173This memorial had appeared in Tallinn not so long ago (August 2013). The plate says about the “great contribution” of russian drunk Yeltsin in the “establishment of Estonian independence”.

Jedem das seine.

According to Estonian logic, there must be a statue of KGB dictator Putin with a gratitude for “independence support” and “development of national economics”. It’d be damn cozy just to change the plate for “our wise and great ruler” when russian tanks will appear in sight.

218No comment.