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(Repost from Kavkaz Center)

A Warsaw weekly, Gazeta Polska, devoted its latest issue to the Smolensk Disaster and the recent Second Smolensk Conference (the picture on the cover shows the Russian terrorist bombing of president’s plane on April 10, 2010). In an article entitled What we know about the 2nd Smolensk Conference the weekly writes:

“Scientists from different fields have no doubt that the official version of the tragedy of April 10, 2010 has nothing to do with truth, and the study of evidence and investigation are dictated by Russia. Gazeta Polska also prepared a report on major issues that were handled by independent scientists at the Second Smolensk Conference held in Warsaw in late October.

During the two days of the Conference, discussions were held in four sessions. There were more than 30 reports by participants from Poland and other countries, and by 49 members of the Scientific Committee (most of them have a professor title) – the size of Polish scientific community is impressive.

Unfortunately, the lessons to be learned from reports by some of the participants are appalling. They point out that the Tu-154M plane with 96 elite Poles on board was destroyed by an explosion, the investigation of the crash was a lie from the very start”.

Later in the article, the full text of which is presented only in paper format, 10 main conclusions of the conference are given:

1. The Smolensk birch which, the Russians say, caused the disaster was broken five days before the crash,

2. The character of damage of the debris point to an explosion on board,

3. The distribution of debris indicates the plane exploded in the air,

4. Explosives were found on the crash site,

5. Data from black boxes was tampered,

6. The powerful plane could not lose a wing after a collision with a tiny birch,

7. After the disaster the outlook of the debris was altered by the Russians,

8. Autopsies of the victims were not conducted,

9. Agreement between Polish pro-Russian prime minister Tusk and Russian leader Putin violated Polish interests,

10. The pro-Russian Miller’s Commission worked illegally.

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