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The first torch failure was only beginning of a long row where silent flame outage is not the worst case. The full fail footage collection is available HERE.

One can see that russians are still able to get some experience. If during the first failures they were running around in panic trying to restart the flame with pocket lighters, later they had begun to carry a stock of spares following runners on the entire route. This helped red imbeciles, especially when their glorious torches went flamethrowing or exploded. A great progress indeed.

Nevertheless, even such an evident demonstration of russian essence doesn’t prevent russophile fanatics from worshiping their sacred cows.

red colaTo hell with humor. When all the West has to oppose russians is enraged crowd of city junkies worried only about their sexual orientation pals, there is no laughing matter. Today they are hopping mad about “evil anti-gay politics”, but if tomorrow russian KGB dictator Putin and his henchmen will “come out as gay” (though the queerness of russian alpha dog is concealed only by poor-made mask of hypocrisy) they will praise him as hero.

The common sense has NOTHING to do with ass rights. Those who protest against the untermensch olympics ONLY because of so-called “anti-gay laws” aren’t any better than russophiles praising the red Mordor. Obsessed with petty miserable facts, they do their best in distracting the attention from the main trouble. Their propaganda is nothing but calling for hunting fleas on a mad grizzly bear to make it more civilized.

Ever heard of the words “genocide”, “terror” and “occupation”?

The stories of Circassean people that once populated the land where unholy Olympics are about to be, as well as many other nations of Caucasus that were slayed and exiled from their lands, are only a small part of endless red nightmare chronicles, written by the nation of commie-bred savage subhuman invaders.

Russia was and will always be the country of genocide, crime and corruption. If the first two things are easy to conceal within boundaries of eternal Gulag land (especially when the “civilized” world doesn’t give a damn) the corruption is so evident that even the dumbest russophile can’t reject it.

When russians try to build or manufacture something on their own, the first thing to happen is always theft – or they aren’t russians. Remember the costs of special armored limo and simple roads around Moscow? Torches are not the exclusion – either in their cost (more than $ 6.3 million for 15.000 burners) or in reliability. But corrupted wallets once again became fatter, and for russian orc chieftains it’s always a reason to blow their own horn.

Even to make a stock of simplest devices to represent their own country at the event they are bragging about worldwide, is impossible to russians, and their Lubyanka propaganda channel RT doesn’t try to conceal that torches burn like crap. But why should reds be ashamed of themselves? Years of silence, meek agreement and direct help from the West taught russian orcs for sure: now they can relax and just do whatever they want without any worries about keeping civilized faces.

vodka_torchIf during the 1980 Olympics preparations russian commies were trying really hard pretending to be civilized people, now the herd of left-wing politically correct junkies, right-wing KGB-dictator-worshiping conservatives and care-for-nothing common sheeple will do all the job for them.