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This is a “priest” of new russian “highly spiritual, moral and traditionalist” church at KGB dictator’s service.592_en

This is a child in russian orphanage in Pavlovsk.593He wasn’t just picked up from some hellhole. He and his 499 housemates turned into living skeletons after living for a while in this russian “charity organization”.

“The trouble is the “nation” had rotted from the inside. Have you ever seen any nation whose soldiers are murdering children and trading corpses? Police torturing their own citizens? Generals and officers selling weapon and ammo stocks to their opponents? Orphan house principals that are stealing from disabled children and eldery? Preachers that are trading vodka and tobacco all over the country and growing fat from donations of poor?” (Original IPVnews caption.)

P.S. For those mercenary troll lovers of red hellhole who are still hanging around. Your pitiful efforts are just a miserable imitation of your masters’ filthy Lubyanka business that can affect only white-ribbon sheeple opposition and brainless junkies. Whatever nickname and attitute you choose, it will always say “KGB bitch”. You’ll definitely do better in your natural activity rather than trying to blow russian horn.