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Those questions should be asked in pairs. The first one is supposed to be answered positive, while second one contains the brainjammer. Feel free to use them on any of happy LGBT cult worshipers and have fun.

  1. Do you consider the lack of “LGBT rights” in Russia a trouble on its supposed way to democracy?

  2. If so, what about times a lot better than present days on the West, but with the same red crap in Russia while both had none of homosexual cults?

  1. Do you consider russians homophobes?

  2. If so, have you ever heard about shitload of red perverts at KGB-FSB service, open sodomy of Soviet dictators and pedophilia of russian top dog?

  3. Do you consider it possible to attend the Olympics if your ass will be protected, as well as visit Russia if it stops openly harassing your fellow LGBTs?

  4. If so, what about the persecution of straight independent youths, people of Eastern and Asian descent, political opponents, etc?

  1. Do you support the international rule of no statute of limitations for genocide?

  2. If so, why the Hell you don’t give a damn to the fate of Circasseans, Chechens, and other nations whose people were slain in thousands by soviet and russian invaders that are about to celebrate their triumph now at this forsaken land soaked with blood?

  3. Do you consider worldwide LGBT promotion essential for peace, progress and Freedom?

  4. If so, were you ever thinking that homosexuals are NOT deprived of flaws that straight people have and gladly unleash on others? Have you ever imagined this crazy world when homosexuals will join the mess?

I had. And I saw the crowds of mad rainbow-welding activists fighting mad conservatives, while the russian horde is approaching. But no one gives a damn when there is such an interesting and controversial ass politics to fight over.