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In their own hellhole and some neighbor countries, russians have a default method of silencing “enemies” by murder or assault that leaves the victim permanently disabled. When this is impossible, eternal commie scumbags try to use bloody money stolen from own cattle nation, apparently forgetting that bribes at every corner are not a tradition in civilized countries. Not even in the Third World.

But even the slightest, censored and politically correct truth about “potyomkin villages” turns russians so mad they are ready to pay 600.000 GBP for its non-spreading. Pity that people rarely know how one must answer to ruskie scum.

When Dr. Sergei Melnikoff, the owner of the most truthful Website about Russia (ipvnews.org), was offered $1.5 million for the site and interview on RT by KGB rats, his answer was simple and clear – a true example for the modern West obsessed with unneeded courtesy.

“You are just pathetic. I’m not some Masha from London that works at BBC. I’m not some prostituted Walter Litvinenko. Unfortunately for you, MFF isn’t even Pavlik Morozov…

You can wipe your dirty ass with it!