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One more typical story of russian “police” – “Federal Drug Control Service” again.

At Nov 24, 2012 two uniformed scumbags (Aleksandr Scherbin and Dmitriy Burakov) from Voronezh had traditional russian “fun” – drunk driving. They stopped at the small convenience store and robbed it. When a customer (disabled guy named Andrei Zhukov) made a critical remark about their behavior, assholes beat him down and shoved him into the trunk to continue “fun” in the forest where they slowly finished him with beatings, dug the corpse and disposed of his documents.

Zhukov left behind a widow and 4-year-old son.

One of police assholes (Scherbin) forgot his own documents right at the crime scene near convenience store thus helping the investigation. But the bribe-harvesting court sentenced this mad uniformed bastard only to 4 years of prison with nonsense conviction “deliberate inflicting of heavy damage to victim’s health that resulted in victim’s accidental death” (with a possibility of parole). His sidekick Burakov (photo) got away with just fine of 50.000 rubles.

This is the “law and order” and its dogs in the country of eternal bolshevik subhumans.