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Those news won’t come out in the politically correct mass media.

New evidence of bolshevik atrocities was discovered in the Peter and Paul Fortress (St. Petersburg). Several hundred skeletons were exhumed from mass graves of the red terror. Remains of both men (mostly White Army officers) and women, old and young ones, including children are found. Many of women’s skeletons have clear signs of tortures (bullet holes in the pelvic girdle). This mass murder had been committed most likely during the first years of chaotic red terror (1918-1920).

The presence and number of other alike graves in the vicinity (as well as in the entire country where they are being discovered mostly accidentally) is unknown. Most of the red terror archives either were destroyed or remain top secret in the neo-soviet Russia, where no one of bolshevik brutes had been punished for this gruesome butchery. Indeed, they found peaceful retirement and their KGB rat followers were promoted to rulers of the new democratic Russia by the untermensch nation they have bred with methods like this one.

The photos are HERE (18+)