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You think it’s perfectly normal for your government to go buddy-buddy with russian scum?

Then you’d better watch this video from Ukrainian “Euro-Maidan”.

For those who not understand Ukrainian: “Berkut” SWAT thugs (main force of deeply pro-russian Yanukovich regime) are torturing captured protestors, brutally beating and kicking people who are forced to lie down or stand on knees. Independent reports and individual witnesses say those “police” bastards were assaulting everyone, including women and foreign journalists.

One can hear how uniformed assholes are yelling “russian mat” they learned from their moskal masters (as well as their commie methods).

While the civilized world is showing its “deep concern” with another bunch of warnings and condemnations, kremlin-backed criminals just spit on it and laugh. Looks like the good old molotov C.T. and rock right in the kisser is the only way to deal with uniformed russian thugs. And it’s pleasing to see how the people of Ukraine wake up and realize this – already in few days of protest, many “police” thugs learned the hard way that Ukraine is not a country of slaves named Russia.