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Another example of the true russian “morality” and their congenital commie hatred towards Christian Faith.

The church in Groß Engelau village, East Prussia was built by Teutonic Order in XIV century and survived several wars (it was used as an observation post by both Germans and Russians during WWI).BlickBut in 1945, advancing army of bolshevik subhumans was completely different from Tsarist soldiers. The village natives suffered the fate common in those days of red nightmare

Until 1950s, Groß Engelau (renamed into Demjanovka by red thugs) had been populated by commie colonists. This was a widespread genocide practice of Soviet KGB – by orders of Moscow, hordes of drunkards, lowlifes and imbeciles loyal to commie regime have been relocated to “liberated” lands to take place of exiled or murdered natives, turning once prosperous lands into red hellhole. (You can see the example here – modern days in Königsberg district)

Then the Groß Engelau was converted to a military training ground and its buildings used as targets. Despite the extensive shelling, ruins of desecrated church stand even now.


23This is the view of the Groß Engelau Kirche before the 2013 fall. During the joint “Zapad-2013” exercises, untermenschen together with their Belarusian lackeys again used the desecrated ruins as target for tank guns. Now the church looks like that:


9Those russian scumbags call themselves “Christians” and “protectors of traditional values”. It has been already demonstrated much more than once how they really “protect” traditions and Christian Faith –  as well as “peace” they were barking about 24/7 in times of USSR. Even the word “savages” or “barbarians” is inapplicable for russian satanic orcs, whose true deity lies inside the commie mausoleum at the Red Square.

Source: dzedzich.org