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End of the year is always a good time to review the campaign results. This year had a shitload of wannabe initiatives (few of them barely usable), but the entire West is united by one that won’t be ever written in their politically correct manifestos. Whatever political affiliation anyone has, licking russian commie ass became mandatory. I never saw conservatives, greens and LGBTs so united. Even so-called “opponents” of russian regime speak no word without mandatory preface on “soft power”, “non-violence”, etc. refusing to see evident failure of own strategy (now, in the Ukraine that will be most likely left at the mercy of neo-soviet thugs). The motivation may vary, but the result of unintended “collaboration” is just what russian dictator wanted – to raise his potyomkin village reputation (or cause compassion towards his nation of murderers, thieves and prostitutes that equals to its leader like “Russia” equals to “dirt”), make some gruesome bloodbath and celebrate it with drunken carousing.

Let’s see what russophiles got from their idols in return to their frenzied praising, conformism and self-humiliation. From beginners to masters of asslicking…

  1. USA. While this once great country is being ripped apart by economical, political and moral tensions, the majority of power belongs to a bunch of flexible spineless cowards and commie addicts who just feel cloud nine when their lips fit at the back of russian pants. The result: NSA top secret documents stolen by queer jerk, total fail of infamous “relations reset”, missile defense under russian control, spies and terrorists all over the country, loss of domestic security together with international influence and face full of commie shit regularly thrown from KGB Russia Today. Some people are so dumbed down they can’t distinguish red crap from brain food anymore, but this is another story. Contrary to following “buddies”, America still has a chance if folks will be able to pick up their common sense for which they should plug Lubyanka bullshitters first.

  2. EU. Certain political aspects of this bureaucratic nightmare structure ruled by oldfart socialist Merkel-like windbags can vary from one state to another (the most odious enthusiasts will be listed separately), but its general guidelines are always the same: PROMOTE SACRED COWS AT THE COST OF OWN WEALTH. Intellectuals may stick to their doubts, but when their everyday-needed home appliances will be SEIZED because of “too high energy consumption” and central heating sober them up with cool autumn breeze, the philosophy won’t look so smart any longer. One is not needed to guess who is behind growing energy prices and “green cult” triumph – just one look at the statistics of EU energy supplies is enough. The result: as energetic dependency never comes alone, the mistreatment, scapegoating and deportations of political refugees from Russia “just because Putin said so” became traditional and historical revisionism (especially attempted investigation of bolshevist atrocities) is now a grave crime in the EU. Happy European junkies who somehow avoided messing with forthcoming russian Gulag have damn expensive utility bills, bans everywhere, degradation of industry and enforced cult of self-humiliation. Willkommen zum rote Holle!

  3. Netherlands. After promoting rat offspring of russian dictator Putin, establishing 2013 as a year of Russia and confirming their fidelity by showoff deportation of refugees from Russia (one of which committed suicide to avoid the nightmare) back for guaranteed tortures and physical elimination, they did a mistake that ruined everything. Looks like it will take decades of licking to return the former reputation…
  4. Baltic States. I was talking about them before (what is right for Estonia is mostly right for Latvia and Lithuania, except of a few tough politicians like Mrs. Gribauskaite). But the more they lick, the more “Nazi” they become in russian propaganda. Poor bastards. All this because of a few exceptional guys who had balls to rise against NKVD thugs in 1941 – and the rest are doomed to lick until the end of this world. Now they became more careful though: even the toughest owners of brass balls won’t have a chance against EU-promoted soviet officials with their total control system where only castrates and lackeys can survive.

  5. Czech Republic. The master of asslicking and the oldest lackey of russian commies, who even managed to get a considerable sop for its performance. Never disappointing red masters, always ready for action since 1945 when they quickly changed attitude, turning commie-incited hatred on former Nazi masters as soon as russian troops appeared at sight. People say Czech henchmen often were worse than even their bolshevik masters. Looks like truth, not once I saw the similar situation in modern Russia when some trash of his own nation tried to please his masters and turned even more odious than ruskie scum. Now the worshipers of russian ass are delighted when red kingpins, thugs and prostitutes come to their land with stolen wealth to behave like tzars. Welcoming red scum at their home, Czechs use each and every opportunity to praise neo-soviet state, its untermensch nation and each perverted initiative of mad KGB pedophile thug named Putin.

It’s not the first time when russian thugs and their despicable lackeys end up butchery with showoff hullabaloo. The nightmare of Syrian civil war where people are being butchered, tortured and mutilated by russian-backed regime (while democrat junkies are bitching over “scary bad chemical weapons” and conservative dumbasses singing RT tune about “false flag gas attack made by evil Jihadists” – apparently the NKVD “masquerade” of WW2 and Red Terror taught them nothing) is a traditional “fun” for bolshevik thugs who come there to participate in atrocities of Assad’s henchmen. But before were the genocide in Chechnya, war against Georgia, murder of Polish Government that in fact guaranteed what the world has now in Syria. With each new crime, mad russian brute is getting more and more confident in its impunity. Their asshole “olympics” at the land of genocide is a concluding triumph after the long row of “successful” crimes – a spit in the mawkish face of Western world that considers itself civilized, always mad over some Twitter “controversial” message posted by silly teenager but quietly walking by witnessing serial murderer and rapist “at work” again and again.

This New Year is still celebrated by most of the West in traditional careless attitude of unstopping party where the Gulag seems to be far away (ergo, for the common sheeple it doesn’t exist at all). But listening to plain logic, it’s not hard to realize that neo-soviet russian Mordor won’t stop where it is now.

And the next 2015 year may come already together with barbed wire of a new Gulag.