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Canadian red lackeys are in hurry to condemn “evil Chechen Jihadists”. Silent during war and genocide made by russian thugs, but always loudmouth when it comes to condemnation of sacred cows’ slayers. Or even not – Putin’s FSB has a long experience of butchering own citizens in their homes for showoff red bullshit. In 1941, bolsheviks used NKVD squads disguised as German troops to fabricate “Nazi atrocities” – now things become a lot easier. Some apartment building blown up by FSB henchmen is enough for blockheads worldwide to start condemning “evil Jihadists”. Now they got the russian tune, singing it even before dictator’s order.

It’s quite funny to compare the motivation of masters and lackeys. While ruskies explain their new Gulag with “stability” mantra, Western asslickers are shouting about “public safety”.

That’s damn smart of them. Looks like Canada is already standing at the border of perfection – the only things to do is ban kitchen knives and provide each citizen with mandatory bright orange vest with a HUGE writing “FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY”.