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Russian commie serfs published a new calendar dedicated to their dictator Stalin.

dictatorNow untermenschen can enjoy their idol even when the TV ceases its commie bullshit eruption during regular power outages. For the followers of russian political trend, it will be even more pleasant to know that this dictator calendar was printed by “orthodox” company in St.Holy Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra (check the bottom of the image for detailed info).

backBy the way, russian satanic “orthodox” cultists have quite interesting stuff in their online shop. Like THIS “documentary” film (you can watch it HERE) about “glorious deeds” of commie dictator who “defeated the fifth column”. Stalin’s speeches are included as bonus tracks.

stalin-mediaScreenshot from The Wayback Machine page copy.

Nowa kuklaLike flock, like priests. Soon the world will see gutted corpse of pedophile terrorist dictator Putin next to his predecessor in the mausoleum and russian “orthodox” commie orc cultists praising him as “saint”.