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Once again, neo-soviet KGB terrorist dictator named Putin made fools of his brainless admirers. Some dumbasses were stupid enough to praise this lying asshole for “protecting family values” and got a showoff divorce from their idol as proof of their genuine foolishness. Now it’s time for anti-LGBT “conservative” Putin-loving idiots to meet the same foolish outcome.

Still discreet, but moving towards the disclosure of his true long-term perverted preferences. I was speaking about this possibility and Putin’s perversions before (for example, here, here and here). Knowing the true price of any word KGB thugs erupt from their filthy mouths, it’s not so hard to guess what’s really behind the “traditionalist” bullshit of russian kingpin (or any of his boasting serfs). Just a common sense and some essential politically incorrect non-mainstream knowledge on Russia is enough for anyone – but not for russophile zombies who seem to be deprived of any reasonable mind.

queer dictator_2Keep praising your beloved commie pedophile thug, imbeciles!