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The more eternal russian commies and their lackeys are trying to enslave Ukraine, the more of its people are rising against the neo-soviet tyranny. When russian puppet Yanukovich sent his “police” goons to raid the Maidan, the next day it grew ten times bigger. And when he tried to legislate a row of KGB-made “laws” (ban of anti-communist studies and speeches, broadcasting only by the government’s permission, jailtime for assisting protesters or destroying commie statues, etc.) he got a real revolution. Watch the live Maidan video.

Ruskies are not just hopping mad – they are flying around their renovated Gulag like someone shoved a rocket in each commie ass. No surprise – this happens each time someone tries to escape their red shithouse or tells them to fuck off.

The events of those days must have proved the insufficiency of the “soft power” and paper war, so adored by the modern West, even to the most diehard supporters of gutless “civilized” tactics.

It’s time to realize that world domination attempts of eternal commies can’t be stopped by civilized bitching and smart-ass denouncing. They’ll just laugh and do what they want – but only until they meet the adequate resistance that always made them run away with crapped pants.


Today russian thugs are murdering and torturing people of Ukraine, but tomorrow they will come to YOUR land to make YOU pay for YOUR indifference and trample on the FREEDOM you sacrificed to fake KGB-promoted “safety”!