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It had been confirmed: most of so-called Ukrainian “Berkut” riot police which became famous with its atrocities is neither Ukrainian nor even some kind of police.

Those are russian spetsnaz gang members disguised as “Berkut”, sent to Ukraine from Russia by agreement between KGB dictator Putin and deeply corrupt pro-soviet Yanukovich regime. Amongst those red bastards, many got their gruesome experience in Chechnya where they took active part in genocide of 1990s.

Now they openly boast how they want to kill Ukrainians and throw survivors into concentration camps. Actions of so-called “Berkut”, which makes fun of brutal beating, murder of protesters, always mocking their victims in their native russian language, leave no doubt on this neo-soviet plan of red genocide.

It is not a secret for anyone (except of politically correct dummies or zombie russophiles) that eternal commies are targeting people of “enemy” ethnicities with especially brutal methods that leave any authoritarian regime behind. Just the fact there are people who dared to live in dignity and say “NO” to russian shit, drives those subhumans mad like the words “vrag naroda” 60 years ago.

Here are some scenes and results of gruesome russian atrocities that you won’t see in politically correct media.

WAKE UP you sissy Westerners! If you will continue to be dumbasses, allowing your governments to go buddy-buddy with KGB thug dictator Putin even further, soon you’ll have the SAME KGB-made russian atrocities upon YOUR land!

Russian thugs are mocking a Cossack protester through torture and humiliation.

This guy was tortured by uniformed red subhumans, who were beating and mocking him “So where is ya Bandera, why he isn’t helping ya?”

Several protesters had their eyes badly injured or completely lost during one of night raids, when russian thugs were shooting at people, deliberately aiming for eyes (spotting faces in the dark with a flashlight).


“When the people could not move after beatings, spetsnaz were dragging them…” (words of protesters).

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Funeral of Yuri Verbitsky. He was kidnapped by russian murderers and tortured to death together with other activist. People who knew him say this happened because of his West-Ukrainian personality…

640x427Sergei Nigoyan met other death – but from the same bloody CheKa-NKVD-KGB-FSB hands. He was shot by russian sniper while being on his Maidan duty, where he came from his homeland (Armenia). A true hero to remember – only a few people are able to repeat this way of Honor.

Tatyana Chornovil, a journalist, was brutally assaulted for her investigation against corrupt government. Bastards were trying to kill her with typical russian method, but she survived.


Two guys were stripped naked, tortured poured with water and told to run away. When they did, russian “police” thugs fired at them with rubber bullets.

A photographer from Lviv, Marian Gavrilov, after tortures by red thugs.

453x604Those are only few of episodes from the new russian terror in Ukraine. Numerous sources tell about new victims and new atrocities, made by russian spetsnaz, corrupt police and hired lowlife “titushki” chavs – dirty offspring of KGB “settlers”.

Despite the madness of red brute from the East, Ukrainian nation continues its fight, already without foolish utopian dreams about “peaceful protest”. Once started by European scenario, Maidan was about to be destroyed by russian one. But plans of KGB dictator Putin, so smooth before at the dumbed-down sissy West, suddenly went wrong. Mad from impunity, overconfident ruskies used to get what they want from West, but forgot about Ukrainian spirit – still alive despite years of genocide, unwilling to return into the new red nightmare.

Sources: ipvnews.org, censor.net.ua, argumentua.com