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Ukraine is under threat of a false flag terrorist attack, most likely targeting the “Soyuz” gas pipeline in Kharkiv Oblast!

Russian and Ukrainian GOVERNMENTS are intended to IMPOSE it as actions of extremists, under the slogan, literally “Take the Ukraine off the gas needle”. The “Right Sector” (Pravyi Sektor) will most likely be slandered as the radical political union most known and therefore most dangerous to the power of thieves. It’s not excluded that some of its leaders can be already recruited by russians to take the false responsibility.

The consequences will be:

1) A strike on Ukraine and the entire Europe, which buys gas through Ukrainian gas mains. Further pressure on Europe.

2) A reason for open RUSSIAN MILITARY INTERVENTION in Ukraine to “secure strategic objects”, with possible state of emergency.

This is the LAST CHANCE of Russia to carry out so-called “russian scenario”. Russian special forces are about to use methods they utilized before at Stavropol storage facility in 2009, to blame Ukraine for this bombing.


The only way to PREVENT this FALSE FLAG ATTACK is outstrip it, spreading this info AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

IPVNews.org 27.01.14 16:30