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The “Olympic Games” in Russia turned into a tough challenge for all kinds of asslickers, rushing towards the opportunity to please the neo-soviet union from both within and far away. The Internet is thrashed with bullshit on “opening ceremony”, “top moments”, opposed mainly by hysterical LGBT activists, whose voices seem to become quieter now. Looks like they are almost satisfied already, showing what they really stand for. Just as I said before – it’s all about ass. Pathetic.

A little digression: there will be even more joy for oh-so-indignant LGBT activists when they’ll encounter an old russian tradition of replacing Natashas with Emelyas. Especially after a bottle of vodka, when differences between Natasha and Emelya become not so significant.

It’s time to publish some non-mainstream material that neither ruskies nor LGBTs will be delighted with.

So, here are 7 plain facts one MUST know about Sochi “Olympic Games”. Or Asslicking Shames, more likely.

  1. Ever heard about Circasseans and what ruskies did to them?

103027_1But the voices of Circasseans weren’t heard. Well, not so unexpected after the years of Western promotion for the country of genocide named Russia. Sochi means genocide, but the entire Russia isn’t better. After butcheirng their own best people in Red Terror, ruskies try to carry out their mad plans of “world revolution” under different trademarks and use their unnatural selection CheKa-breeding methods on the free world.

  1. Russia is a criminal neo-soviet mafia state ruled by bunch of KGB thugs, with slave nation existing according to Gulag rules enforced by commies almost a century ago.

    Feeling happy, hipster? Or still compassionate about some LGBTs? Then think about political prisoners and people being tortured, murdered every day, without a possibility to protect themselves, just because “they’re not like everyone” and common rights turned into caste privileges. Or better try to survive a week in Russia, in some non-tourist location without a mob of your happy junkie friends.

  1. Corruption. “We all steal, it’s kinda tradition” boasts KGB thug Putin.

From a top dog to last kolkhoz janitor, russian subhumans steal from everyone: country, workplace, vodka-buddies, neighbors… Or, getting even a smallest power, extort bribes, the essence of russian society. The Olympic roads, as well as other objects, have production costs like they are made of caviar, but it doesn’t make russian olympics superior in any way.

  1. Potyemkin villages. The only thing Russia has as its national pride is mountains of bullshit propaganda, made in attempt to conceal the reality since Tsarist times.24-2g3c6slNeedless to say, it works only on retards like ruskies.

  1. Total fail. The result of previous two points combined together, multiplied by Putin’s megalomania.sheisselandCrap torches, unfinished buildings, muddy ski tracks, rivers of blackwater, crazy electronics are far not the full list of glorious Olympic objects. If during the Soviet era ruskies had been able to perform a showoff after Nagant shoved up their ass by KGB, now even this became too complicated for the nation of thieving imbeciles. Russian olympic stuff has a price of caviar, but looks like shit. And works like shit – especially the city sewage. But all this will be compensated by admiration of zombified russophile crowd. I wonder what will they say if another blackwater flood gets them in the middle of ceremony?

A word for “journalists” who think Putin’s dirty money will make them less stupid when they erupt in cheers at unlit torch. Not gonna work. Without a sop, you could have been passed for just dumbasses. But to prove oneself as sold-out asslicker is far worse.

  1. Unlimited control, zero privacy.

    Contrary to oh-so-evil NSA hated by every righteous “human rights” activist, russian KGB-FSB needs no warrants or legal actions, being untouchable for any lawsuits or even criticism in Russia. They just do whatever they want, or what their dictator will say, keeping all their Internet providers as pet dogs and Sochi as surveillance playgrounds (not forgetting to denounce oh-so-evil NSA with help of red lackey Snowden). To read a specific Website, for example the one you’re having in front of you, is guaranteed “extremism” lawsuit and jail-time in the neo-soviet Russia.

  1. Conclusion.

    If after reading this you still continue praising those Asslicking Shames, you have either no brains or no conscience, supporting the regime of KGB thugs and their perverted desires. Just like those assholes from IOC that will let anyone who pays shit at their face. You belong to Putin’s fan club of imbecile thugs and whores, so stop wasting your time with facts too complicated for your ape brain (or too straightforward for your crooked mentality) and go kiss your beloved pedophile master’s KGB ass!