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CNN turned out to be very caring about russian commie subhumans, doing exactly what they say. After their ironic “Wolrld’s ugliest monuments” story caused uproar amongst ruskies, politically correct CNN lackeys hurried to purge it and apologize before the nation of criminals. (The original text is still available at the Voice of Lanka.) And of course, to praise the Asslicking Shames (“olympic” games), following the sacred cow trend.

cnn_commie_news_network_oval_decalCommie News Network. The worldwide leader in the neo-soviet censorship!

To all supporters of this policy. Stop your worshiping for several minutes, turn on your castrated brains, open some Web translator (there is never enough time to learn the language of your idols, huh?) and read what your beloved ruskies are barking about you, your women, your countries and especially your bend-over kick-me politicians, whose submissive skills are far better than yours.

welcome_to_runetMaybe then you’ll get enough wits to stop responding with ass-kissing to bashing, trampling and crap-throwing.

P.S. By the way, the city of Brest belonged to Poland, but was seized by russian orc invaders, as well as many other European cities. It would have been very justifiable to return lands to their native civilized owners and recycle all commie idols into rubble. Especially when they’re ugly like that one.