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Heroic Chechen insurgents have been condemned by Western hypocrites, who chose to be friends with bloody KGB thug Putin. And instead of their fake “peace”, they so “unexpectedly” got a neo-soviet empire which threatens the entire world with its orkish army, trying to reclaim the lands it once enslaved.

In this video recorded in early 90s, the President of The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Dzhokhar Dudaev, gives a stern warning on planned russian aggression against the Urkaine and entire Western world. Now, the words of wise warrior had come true…

The West is paying for own cowardice and treason it committed against the true Heroes. But it still has some time left to embrace the Truth and prepare for ultimate battle against the red Mordor.

Subtitles must be activated manually. If you can’t see the video here (embedding works not very smooth and the problem is still unresolved by support teams), watch it on my channel.