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During last few weeks, many things kept me from updating my Website. Maybe someday I’ll get the opportunity to tell about all that in detail; for now, here is the another mainstream-crushing publication.

60 years ago, the West embraced the name “Cold War” as excuse to feed restrained red brute with Eastern Europe, keeping the Western one as their demilitarized ally with doubtful warranties of protection. No explanation is needed, why waste own chance and let a vile monstrous creature live under observation is a 99% suicide. But there are no limits for human stupidity. The modern trend changed into even more perverted form: now the monster is cured, armed and set free for “partnership” – a term so loved by all kinds of elitist windbags.

Even if we leave off the suffering of millions of people, betrayed by so-called “civilized world”, left for mercy of the most inhuman and sadistic bolshevist regime (though this action alone deserves the punishment most severe) – Western idea of limited confrontation turned out a total disaster, doomed to fail with extremely painful consequences. First of all, for its unready supporters, “peace and stability” activists who see the war against russian Mordor as ultimate evil.

But how about the PEACEFUL russian invasion without a single shot?

Before this spring, almost no one thought it was possible. The fate of people left behind the unmarked border was even worse than during the Cold War. Not so long ago, refugees from Eastern Bloc could hope for political asylum if they managed to break through the Iron Curtain somehow. Now all they have is mockery, russian-incited persecution and deportation – everything to please the red brute. It was so damn cozy to mock people and send them to death and tortures, trading conscience for fake “stability”, pretending the world is a perfect place where everyone loves each other while not so far away, people are being killed just for their opinion… until red thugs broke the pact and returned with their favorite methods to claim Europe again.

Once there was a chance to bring the evil empire down just by strangling it economically, turning cudgel-welding russian orcs into (relatively) harmless beggars which could be kept at bay with minimal guarding force. But now, even if Mr. Reagan come back from his grave it wouldn’t stop mad russian subhumans, who are confident in their impunity just like street thugs in disarmed russian society – thanks to errands of elitist hypocrites whose partnership gone bad so unexpectedly (at least as they’re trying to pretend). There is absolutely no difference between the logic of some thug who is out at the street or the same thug ruling the entire country. Dealing with either of them means to get a guaranteed backstabbing.

What the West has now is a result of long-term suicidal dealings with thuggish country that surpassed all totalitarian regimes ever existed in this world. During 1940s, this deal was called “fight against the Nazism”. Now – “international partnership for peace and safety”.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” I wonder what are feelings of those who are getting repeatedly fooled for decades, trying to make other people believe they must enjoy it.

russian-wayThe original caption says “The only and unique way of russian ape”. But “The only and unique way of dumbass russophile” fits here as well.

The Ukrainian Maidan is the last thing standing between weak infantile Europe and the mad horde of subhuman bolshevist creatures, who will never forgive Ukrainians their will to become free – just like they didn’t forgive Hungarians, Poles, Georgians… All reasonable talks and statements are useless. No matter how hard Maidan activists try to explain they have no ethnic prejudice – they will always be “evil Bandera Nazis” for congenital russian slaves.

Only a brainwashed fool can believe that russian government is so concerned about its countrymen, who have less rights in their own land than a stateless person in poor banana republic (and regularly murdered in thousands “just by the way” – infamous 1941 Dniproges demolition, which resulted in catastrophic flood, hostage order and torch-men campaign are just three of those examples). All they care about is their perverted world domination dreams, which perfectly match for thug dictator Putin and each of his drunken lowlife slaves despite the difference between their wealth – that’s why the Maidan will never happen in Russia. As commies used to say, “people and party are united!”

Even the Nazism looks like Justice compared to everyday existence of russian subhumans. There are a whole row of videos (use the link in menu above) enough to plug any of hired or just brainless russophiles. Here are a couple of other examples.

This is the conversation between 2 untermensch diplomats.

And this is how common ruskies are celebrating expansion of their shiteland – now they have an entire Crimea more to shit in.

I wonder what will sissy Europeans do when they encounter this horde – scream about human rights or try to stop ruskies with hippie slogans and pink teddy bears?

Russian untermenschen call themselves “proprietors of traditional morality” and “God-bearing nation”. At least the first thing is true – their “morality” of drunk cattle debauchery, pantless pride and ape copulation followed by sleep in own vomit mixed with crap is older than Russian Tsarist Empire.

ONCE AGAIN, I’ll repeat for those who didn’t get it: neither putinists nor their oldfart commie predecessors who are still praised by miserable dying russian elderly. I’m speaking about 140 millions of inbred subhuman creatures created by generations of genocide, of whom 80% are incurable stalinist-putinist fanatics and the remaining 20% are no better. Only a few people of non-russian spirit, living in never-ending nightmare from birth till death, are desperately trying to oppose this filth here.

Russe_muss_sterben“The russian must die, so that we live.”

No one knows for sure if it’s a genuine photo or another piece made in NKVD to spook the West with scary tales about “evil German Nazis who planned to kill everyone”. But those words had been confirmed as genuine truth, and those who did it were neither Germans nor Nazis. Indeed, they were fighting against Germany and overpowered it, plugging barrels with cannon fordder just to turn Eastern Europe into red hellhole. Yes, don’t be confused – I mean ruskies here.

Those subhuman slaves not only trampled on Freedom which the West was trying to implant so carefully, BTW spending their own money and efforts to turn ruskies into free-minded people having enough nukes to just wipe them out. But despite all those smart-ass errands full of hope for better life in Russia, after the 1990s liberation russians returned to their KGB dictatorship, world domination plans, invasion wars and genocide, spreading hatred and slander about anyone who makes even a slightest attempt to resist, destroying everything civilized, pure and humane wherever they are coming. No matter in horde or small groups – russians are spreading their filth like contents of burst sewage line.

Now, the civilized world must either face the truth, debunk its self-restraining KGB made myths, call things with their own names and restore the Justice (without childish fear to be hurt) by destroying the russian abomination while it is still possible – or perish in gruesome tyranny of neo-bolshevist Russia which will become everywhere.

There is no other way left.